Diamond Geology

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Diamond Geology

Diamond deposits can be classified as primary (kimberlites and lamproites) and secondary (alluvial and marine). In 1995, their relative production contributions in South Africa were, primary (kimberlite) 8.63 million carats (89% of total), alluvial 960,000 carats (10%). and marine 90.000 carats (1%). The percentage of gems in kimberlites is highly variable. Published figures suggest approximately 40% for the Kimberley mines and 55% for Premier mine. The proportion of gems in the West Coast marine deposits is over 98%. The MIBA mine in the Congo and the Argyle mine in Australia have an average gem content of only 5%. The dispersal of diamonds from their primary sources into streams and rivers and ultimately to the sea is generally accompanied by an increase in average value per carat.| as flawed stones are progressively destroyed with greater and greater transport.

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