The boreal lower cretaceous

Редактор(ы):Rawson P.F., Casey R.
Издание:Seel House Press, Liverpool, 1972 г., 448 стр.
The boreal lower cretaceous

This volume brings together a selection of papers read or presented in abstract at the International Symposium on the Boreal Lower Cretaceous organised by the Department of Geology, Queen Mary College (University of London) and the Institute of Geological Sciences (Natural Environment Research Council), 17-30 September, 1972. The symposium focused interest on problems common to the Lower Cretaceous in many parts of the northern hemisphere, notably in the realms of biostratigraphy and time-correlation. It also gave opportunity for field work in some of the best-known areas of the English Lower Cretaceous.

As befits its location near one of the classic regions of the European Mesozoic, Queen Mary College maintains a strong tradition of research in the Lower Cretaceous. In joining the College as hosts to the symposium, the Institute of Geological Sciences embarked on a new venture, one that strengthens the links between the Institute and the Universities and that reflects the Institute's broadening interests and responsibilities in the international field.

The organising committee consisted of: R. Casey, F.R.S. (Chairman), P. F. Rawson (Secretary), Beris Cox (I.G.S.), S. R. A. Kelly (Q.M.C.), G. Pinckney (Q.M.C.) and E. P. Smith (I.G.S.). The committee acknowledges its gratitude to Sir Kingsley Dunham F.R.S., Director of the Institute of Geological Sciences, Sir Harry Melville F.R.S., Principal of Queen Mary College and Professor J. F. Kirkaldy, head of the Department of Geology at Queen Mary College, for providing the facilities for holding the symposium; Dr. B. N. Fletcher (I.G.S., Leeds), Dr. F. A. Middlemiss (Queen Mary College), Dr. J. W. Neale (University of Hull), Dr. H. G. Owen (British Museum, Natural History) and Mr. С J. Wood (I.G.S., London) for assisting in conducting field excursions; and Dr. H. W. Ball (British Museum, Natural History), Mr. N. F, Hughes and Dr. C, Forbes (Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge) and Dr. J. W. Neale (University of Hull) for making available palaeontological collections in their respective institutes.

In the production of this volume the editors thank Seel House Press, especially Mr. G. Wilding, for their ready co-operation, Mrs. Jean Fyffe (Queen Mary College) for drawing many of the figures, and Dr. E. Kemper (Hanover) and Dr. J. P. Thieuloy (Grenoble) for translating the summaries. Messrs E. P. Smith, G. Pinckney and S. R. A. Kelly assisted with proof-reading, and Susan Rawson helped to compile the indices. Lastly, we thank those colleagues who acted as referees of papers submitted for publication.

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