Vertebrate paleontology / Палеонтология позвоночных

Издание 4
Автор(ы):Benton M.J.
Издание:Wiley Blackwell, 2015 г., 505 стр., ISBN: 978-1-118-40755-4
Язык(и)Русский (перевод с английского)
Vertebrate paleontology / Палеонтология позвоночных

To many, palaeontology in general, and vertebrate palaeontology in particular, might be seen as devoted to discovering new fossils. After all, we read lavish press reports of each new species of dinosaur, fossil bird, or early human fossil that is recorded in the scientific literature. Discoveries from all continents attract attention, and none moreso than the continuing rich haul of remarkable new fossils from China. Our understanding of fossil vertebrate evolution has been much enriched by continuing discoveries of basal chordates from the Chengjiang and associated exceptional faunas of South China, as well as the feathered birds and dinosaurs from the Jehol assemblages in North China. But, as any young palaeobiologist knows, the discovery of new species is a minor concern. Much more exciting has been the blossoming of new numerical techniques that extend the reach of studies in macroevolution and palaeobiology further than might have been imagined even ten years ago.

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