Volcanic textures. A guide to the interpretation of textures in volcanic rocks

Автор(ы):Allen R., Doyle M., Mc.Phie J.
Издание:University of Tasmania, Hobart, 1993 г., 198 стр., ISBN: 0-85901-522-X
Volcanic textures. A guide to the interpretation of textures in volcanic rocks

Production of this book has depended on generous financial support from sponsors of the Key Centre for Ore Deposit and Exploration Studies, in particular, the Tasmanian Department of «Mines, Aberfoyle Resources, ВНР Exploration, CRA Exploration, Geopeko, Pancontinental, Pasminco, RGC Exploration and Western Mining Corporation.

Although the material presented comes principally from the collections of J.McP and RLA. we made use of some thin-sections, hand specimens and photographs contributed by colleagues: Stephen Abborr, Guillermo Alvarado. David Cooke. Keith Corbea, Bruce Gemmell. Bruce Houghton, John Waters, Matthew While and Colin Wilson. We are further indebted tо Aberfoyle Resources and Pasminco for usc of many sample from drillcore stores at Hellyer and Rosebery.

Professor Ross large initiated the projecr and provided much appreciated cncouragement throughout irs realisation. The first draft was substantially revised after reviews by Stuart Bull and Ross Large (CODES); Fergus Fitzgerald (Pasminco Exploration), Malcolm Howells (British Geological Survey/, Noel White (ВНР) and Hiromitsu Yamagishi (Geological Survey of Hokkaido).

The production team included June Pongratz (design and desktop publishing), Jcancttc I lankin and Kirst)' Whalcy (typing!- Debbie Flardmg (draughting). Simon Stephens and Naomi Dcards (thin-section and slab preparation). Fred Koolhof (technical advice and some photography) and Alison Jones (final editing).

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