Engineering geology

Издание 2
Автор(ы):Bell F.G.
Издание:Elsevier, 2007 г., 593 стр., ISBN: 978-0-7506-8007-6
Engineering geology

As noted in the Preface to the first edition, engineering geology can be defined as the application of Geology to engineering practice. In other words, it is concerned with those geological factors that influence the location, design, construction and maintenance of engineering works. Accordingly, it draws on a number of geological disciplines such as geomorphology, structural geology, sedimentology, petrology and stratigraphy. In addition, engineering geology involves hydrogeology and some understanding of rock and soil mechanics.

Similar to the first edition, this edition too is written for undergraduate and post-graduate students of engineering geology. It is hoped that this will also be of value to those involved in the profession, especially at the earlier stages of their careers. However, it is aimed at not just engineering geologists but also at those in civil and mining engineering, water engineering, quarrying and, to a lesser extent, architecture, planning, surveying and building. In other words, those who deal with the ground should know something about it.

No single textbook can cover all the needs of the variety of readers who may use it. Therefore, a list of books is suggested for further reading, and references are provided for those who want to pursue some aspect of the subject matter to greater depth. However, some background knowledge also is assumed. Obviously, students of geology will have done much more reading on geology than the basic geological material covered in this book. They presumably will have done or will do some reading on soil mechanics and rock mechanics. On the other hand, those with an engineering background will have read some soil and rock mechanics, but need some basic geology, hopefully, this book will meet their needs. Moreover, any book will reflect the background of its author and his or her view of the subject. However, this author has attempted to give a balanced overview of the subject.

The text has been revised and extended to take account of some subjects that were not dealt with in the first edition. Also, some of the chapters have been rearranged. Hopefully, this should have improved the text.

The author gratefully acknowledges all those who have given permission to publish material from other sources. Individual acknowledgements are given throughout the text.

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