Die geschichte der vorstellungen uber die genese der kontaktlagerstatten

Автор(ы):Шахов Ф.Н.
Издание:Akademie Verlag, Berlin, 1971 г., 11 стр.
Язык(и)Английский, Немецкий
Die geschichte der vorstellungen uber die genese der kontaktlagerstatten

The term of "contact-metamorphic deposit" appears in the literature at the beginning of the 19th century. In the course of nearly two centuries its content and views held on the formation of such deposits have changed considerably, as have the complexes of deposits included by various authors in this group. In the author's opinion the development of views on the genesis of these deposits is closely connected with a change experienced by ideas on the process of metamorphism, in particular of contaetmetamorphism, as well as by ideas on the mechanism of action of hot Solutions.

The deposits are not only observed by geologists working in the field of economic geology, but also by scientists concerned with the metamorphism and formation of magmas. This may be the reason for a great number of contradictory views held at the present state of knowledge on this group of deposits. In discussions of their genesis the following contradictory points are answered, with a neglection of the fact that the process of metasomatism itself is not likewise considered:

1) role of the contact in the genesis and systcmatization of contact deposits; 2) the chronological relation between skarn formation and contaetmetamorphism; 3) the sources of volatiles, the source of metals, and the position of sulphidic ore formation within the process of skarn formation; 4) role of passive rocks in the formation of skarns. These problems are discussed by the author in greatest detail.

ТематикаПолезные ископаемые
МеткиКонтактово-метаморфические месторождения
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