Readsorption of gold during selective extraction — observations and potential solutions

Автор(ы):Gray D.J., Lintern M.J., Longman G.D.
Издание:Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 1998 г., 17 стр.
Readsorption of gold during selective extraction — observations and potential solutions

This paper describes a soil extraction method developed to investigate the different chemistries of Au in various soils in the Yilgarn Craton. The extraction solution is 1 M sodium bicarbonater0.1 M potassium iodide, saturated with CO2 and adjusted to pH 7.4 with hydrochloric acid. A soil : solution ratio of 1 : 2 Žg : ml. is used. Two different methods were used: Ž1. net iodide-extractable Au, with solutions analysed directly for Au; Ž2. gross iodide-soluble Au, where activated carbon is added to the mixture and the carbon analysed at the end of the extraction, thus providing a measure of all Au dissolved during the extraction Žincluding that readsorbed during the net extraction.. Depending on the extraction conditions, there may be appreciable readsorption of Au, particularly for organic-rich ŽG50%. and Fe-rich lateritic soils Ž)80%.. This readsorption is enhanced by pulverizing to -75 mm. Consequently, for simple extractions longer than 1 day, pulverized soils give lower apparent Au solubility than do unpulverized soils. Unpulverized carbonate-rich soils show high Au solubilities and little Žoften -20%. readsorption, and consequently show high net iodide-solubilities. These readsorption phenomena could affect other methods used in exploration and should be thoroughly investigated before incorrect conclusions are drawn. The readsorption problems are removed by adding activated carbon to the extraction mixtures; the carbon adsorbs Au as it is dissolved from the sample and is subsequently analysed. However, different soil types still show distinctly different Au solubilities, which should be recognized for interpretation of extraction results. Again, this effect should be tested for other extraction techniques. A more intractable problem may be that biological cycling of the Au through plants and other organisms appears to cause high Au solubilities in many soils. This effect may obscure any potential ‘mineralization signature’ that is being tested by selective extractions, and could cause problems for any extraction method, no matter how well designed

ТематикаГорное дело, Полезные ископаемые
МеткиGold, Selective exploration, Золото, Селективная отработка
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