Автор(ы):Кулаков А.П.
Редактор(ы):Худяков Г.И.
Издание:Наука, Новосибирск, 1973 г., 187 стр.
Четвертичные береговые линии Охотского и Японского морей
Автор(ы):Schwartz M.L.
Издание:Springer, Dordrecht, 2005 г., 1211 стр.
Encyclopedia of Coastal Science

Map measurements of the world’s coastline length have yielded a figure of 500,000 km. However, when all of the very real and intricate coastal crenulations are considered, the actual length is probably closer to 1,000,000 km. Added to this is the fact that 40% of the 6,000,000,000 people presently inhabiting the earth live within 100 km of a coastline. From these observations, it can be seen that coasts are a very major geo-morphic and social feature on the face of the planet. And for this reason, scholars in a multitude of disciplines have long been studying the many facets of the zone where the land meets the sea.

ТематикаОбщая геология, Региональная геология
МеткиБереговая линия, Побережье океанов, Энциклопедия
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