Том 19, Выпуск 3/4
Автор(ы):Hill M.L., Valentino D.W., Valentino R.W.
Издание:Pergamon, 1995 г., 22 стр.
Paleozoic transcurrent conjugate shear zone in the central Appalachian Piedmont of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Well-documented tectonic events in the central Appalachians of Pennsylvania are: (1) the early Paleozoic Taconian orogeny that occurred during convergence of Laurentian and the Chopawamsic-Wilmington complex magmatic arc over an east-dipping subduction zone, and resulted in intense metamorphism and deformation in the Piedmont, and (2) the late Paleozoic Alleghanian orogeny that resulted in the thrust and fold belt in the Valley and Ridge province and dextral shear zones in the Piedmont. Unlike the Paleozoic tectonic history for the northern and southern Appalachians, the north-central part of the orogen in Pennsylvania lacks evidence for Acadian deformation and metamorphism. The relative chronological order of deformation and metamorphic events in the eastern Piedmont of Pennsylvania, combined with published geochro-nology suggests the previously undocumented Acadian deformation possibly exists as a transcurrent conjugate shear zone pair.

ТематикаРегиональная геология
МеткиAppalachian Piedmont, Paleozoic shear zone, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Аппалачи, Палеозойские структуры, Пенсильвания
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