Редактор(ы):Bruton D.L., Owen A.W.
Издание:Wiley, 1973 г., 240 стр., ISBN: 978-1-119-56423-2
Papers from the 6th International Conference on Trilobites and their Relatives / Доклады 6-й Международной конференции по трилобитам и их родственникам

The proceedings of the first International Conference on Trilobites and their Relatives held in Oslo in 1973 (Bruton 2019) were published in one of the earliest editions of Fossils and Strata (Martinsson 1975). It is highly fitting, therefore, that with the return of the conference to Baltoscandia (P€arnaste 2018), the Lethaia Foundation, under whose auspices Fossils and Strata is published, kindly offered to publish a volume of papers arising from the sixth meeting held in Tallinn, Estonia, in July 2017. The papers in the volume vary considerably in length. Although a notional page limit was given, it was made clear from the outset that there was some flexibility in this.

Выпуск 37
Автор(ы):Иванцов А.Ю.
Редактор(ы):Розанов А.Ю.
Издание:Наука, Москва, 2003 г., 113 стр.
Палеонтологический журнал. Выпуск 37. Дополнительный выпуск 3. Ордовикские трилобиты подсемейства Asaphinae Ладожского региона


1.1. Stratigraphic Units of the Carbonate Part of the Ladoga Glint Ordovician
1.2. Trilohite-Based Biostratigraphic Divisions of the Carbonate Ordovician Deposits of the Ladoga Glint
2.1. The Morphology of Trilobites of the Subfamily Asaphinae
2.2. Some Data on the Ecology of the Asaphinae: Living and Taphonomical Environments
2.3. Evolution of the Subfamily Asaphinae in the Volkhov-Uhakian Time
2.4. Systematic Paleontology of the Subfamily Asaphinae

Автор(ы):Babcock L.E., Huanling L., Shanchi P.
Издание:Science press, Beijing, 2004 г., 691 стр., ISBN: 978-7030149053
Polymerid Trilobites from the Cambrian of Northwestern Hunan, China / Полимерные трилобиты из кембрия северо-западной провинции Хунань, Китай Пэн Шанчи

The Wulingshan Mountains region of northwestern Hunan and eastern Guizhou provinces, China, contains some of the most complete and fossiliferous strata known in the upper part of the Cambrian. Easy access to good exposures has helped make this area the subject of numerous systematic, biostratigraphic, lithostratigraphic, chemostratigraphic, and sequence-stratigraphic studies.

МеткиКитай, Палеонтология, Провинция Хунань, Трилобиты
Автор(ы):Owens R.M.
Издание:National museum of Wales, Cardiff, 1984 г., 23 стр., ISBN: 0-7200-0289-3
Trilobites in Wales / Трилобиты Уэльса

'A good collection of well-arranged trilobites looks better in the cabinet than perhaps any other fossils', wrote J.E. Taylor in Our Common British Fossils, published in 1885. Such is their popular appeal that trilobites have always been some of the most eagerly sought after of all fossils. Their name, suggested by their singular three-lobed appearance is derived from 'Trilobitae', introduced by the German naturalist Johann Walch in 1771 in his Der Naturgeschichte der Versteinerungen ('Natural History of Petrefactions'). The study of trilobites has particularly long associations with Wales, and the ancient rocks which crop out over much of the Principality have been well known as a rich source of them for nearly 300 years. This article outlines some of the history of their investigation in the area, describes their occurrence there, and discusses aspects of their nomenclature and morphology which are well illustrated by Welsh examples. <...>

Автор(ы):Brett C.E., Kloc G.J., Whiteley T.E.
Издание:Cornell University Press, New York, 2002 г., 401 стр., ISBN: 0-8014-3969-9
Trilobites of New York / Трилобиты Нью-Йорка

T o m Whiteley, an accomplished amateur paleontologist, has taken the lead in compiling a much-needed popular account of the trilobites of New York. Sumptuously illustrated with generous photographs of complete specimens of New York trilobites, this book is more than a regional field guide. It also testifies to Gerry Kloc's expertise in preparation and Carlton Brett's keen insight about the rocks and complex facies of the state. In essence, the book reprises the work of Charles Walcott, another accomplished amateur paleontologist of a century and a quarter ago.

Издание 2
Автор(ы):Levi-Setti R.
Издание:The University of Chicago Press, 1993 г., 353 стр., ISBN: 0-226-47451-8
Trilobites / Трилобиты

Trilobites tell me of ancient marine shores teeming with budding life, when silence was only broken by the wind, the breaking of the waves, or by the thunder of storms and volcanoes. The struggle for survival already had its toll in the seas, but only natural laws and events determined the fate of evolving life forms. No footprints were to be found on those shores, as life had not yet conquered land. Genocide had not been invented as yet, and the threat to life on Earth resided only with the comets and asteroids.
All fossils are, in a way, time capsules that can transport our imagination to unseen shores, lost in the sea of eons that preceded us. The time of trilobites is unimaginably far away, and yet, with relatively little effort, we can dig out these messengers of our past and hold them in our hand. And, if we learn the language, we can read their message. <...>

Автор(ы):Пярнасте Х.
Издание:2013 г., 19 стр.
Язык(и)Английский, Русский, Эстонский
Trilobites / Trilobiidid / Трилобиты

Трилобиты – одни из древнейших известных науке членистоногих. Эти животные относятся к древнейшим сложным формам жизни, которые появились на Земле; именно у них впервые появился твердый панцирь, защищавший тело. Первые трилобиты появились в мировом океане 521 миллион лет назад в период раннего кембрия. Трилобиты быстро достигли своего расцвета и были очень широко распространены в палеозойскую эру.

Автор(ы):Levi-Setti R.
Издание:The University of Chicago Press, 2014 г., 283 стр., ISBN: 978-0-226-12441-4
The trilobite book. A visual journey / Книга трилобитов. Визуальное путешествие

It took me approximately 15 years to put together the material included in the first edition of my book, Trilobites, a Photographic Atlas, and see it published by the University of Chicago Press in 1975. The task included, first of all, the fun part—the treasure hunt—digging out the specimens from their burial rock at several locations around the world. Looking for the best-preserved find was often a frustrating enterprise. Once the specimens were brought home, the unwanted cover matrix had to be chipped away, typically under the optical microscope with a variety of tools; and often the specimens had to be prepared for photography using appropriate techniques to enhance their appearance.

Автор(ы):Secher A.
Издание:Columbia University Press, New York, 2022 г., 414 стр., ISBN: 978-0231200967
Travels with Trilobites. Adventures in the paleozoic / Путешествуем с трилобитами. Приключения в палеозое

Fossils are our planet's memory, and they stick hard in our memories. Those people who are lucky enough to have found fossils often remember their first fossil for life. Leaving dinosaurs aside for the moment, two types of fossils seem to appeal more than others: ammonites and trilobites. Both are extinct, diverse, and beautiful; both are poster children for extinction; and both have fans who devote their lives to collecting them.

Автор(ы):Гарина С.Ю., Огиенко Л.В.
Издание:Научный мир, Москва, 2001 г., 375 стр., ISBN: 5-89176-166-1
Стратиграфия и трилобиты кембрия Сибирской платформы

Работа посвящена палеонтологии, стратиграфии и корреляции кембрия южной и центральной частей Сибирской платформы. Результаты исследований основаны на этапности развития трилобитов. На юге платформы шесть биостратиграфических зон, установленных в разрезах, вскрытых скважинами и естественными выходами, использованы при корреляции кембрия Сибирской платформы с синхронными отложениями Алтае-Саянской области, Казахстана и других регионов. В Далдыно-Алакитском районе центральной части Сибирской платформы по материалам скважин глубокого бурения впервые выделенные девять биостратиграфических зон обеспечивают надежное стратиграфическое расчленение и корреляцию среднего и верхнего кембрия. Подготовлена корреляционная стратиграфическая схема, включающая дополнительные сведения, необходимые в обсуждении новых унифицированных схем кембрия Сибири. В палеонтологической части описаны 204 вида трилобитов, принадлежащих 105 родам, из которых 39 видов и 5 родов новые. Книга представляет интерес для специалистов, занимающихся палеонтологией, стратиграфией и геологическим картированием кембрийских отложений.

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