Издание:Canadian Securities Administrators, 2003 г., 17 стр.
CSA staff notice 43-302 - FAQs - NI 43-101 Standart of disclosure for mineral projects

NI 43-101 is a rule that governs how issuers disclose scientific and technical information about their mineral projects to the public. To assist mining industry participants and their advisors in understanding and applying NI 43-101, we compiled a summary of questions and CSA staff responses (Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs) that was first published on October 19, 2001 and was revised on February 8, 2002. Attached to this notice is an update to the FAQs.

We update the summary of FAQs from time to time to assist in the interpretation and application of NI 43-101 as new issues arise. We continuously update this summary of FAQs rather than create supplemental summaries in order to retain one repository of interpretative guidance for the rule. We intend to publish another comprehensive update later this year.

ТематикаСтандарты, Полезные ископаемые
Издание:Canadian Securities Administrators, 2011 г., 44 стр.
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Канадский стандарт NI 43-101 / National Instrument (NI) 43-101

National Instrument 43-101 (the "NI 43-101" or the "NI") is a national instrument for the Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects within Canada. The Instrument is a codified set of rules and guidelines for reporting and displaying information related to mineral properties owned by, or explored by, companies which report these results on stock exchanges within Canada. This includes foreign-owned mining entities who trade on stock exchanges overseen by the Canadian Securities Administrators, even if they only trade on Over The Counter (OTC) derivatives or other instrumented securities.

Many publicly held Canadian mineral exploration and mining companies list on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V) or the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). Some of these companies may also have listings on stock exchanges outside Canada, such as Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Australian Securities Exchange and London Stock Exchange.

Disclosures covered by the NI 43-101 code include press releases of mineral exploration reports,reporting of resources and reserves, presentations, oral comments, and websites. The NI 43-101 covers metalliferous, precious metals and solid energy commodities as well as bulk minerals, dimension stone, precious stones andmineral sands commodities.

ТематикаСтандарты, Полезные ископаемые
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