Том 20, Выпуск 7
Автор(ы):Druguet E., Hutton D.H.W.
Издание:Pergamon, 1998 г., 12 стр.
Syntectonic anatexis and magmatism in a mid-crustal transpressional shear zone: an example from the Hercynian rocks of the eastern Pyrenees

Hercynian metamorphism and magmatism in the Cap de Creus peninsula (eastern Pyrenees) occurred contemporaneously with non-coaxial deformation in a transpressive regime. An example of this has been taken from a migmatite complex in the northern coast. The studied area is formed by partially melted sil-limanite schists together with two different suites of igneous rocks: a calc-alkaline magmatic sequence, consisting of small granitoid bodies, and later peraluminous leucogranites and pegmatites. All these rocks occur within a NE-SW- to E-W-trending sub-vertical high-strain zone, where a first schistosity is tightly folded and transposed. The relations between folds and crenulation cleavage in the metasediments and deformational fabrics in the granitoids and migmatites provide good evidence for the penecontemporaneity of deformational processes, magmatism and migmatization. Furthermore, the analysis of cross-cutting relationships between different granitoids as well as the observation of their different degrees of deformation verifies that magmatism in this area took place as synkinematic consecutive intrusions from the more basic magmas to the peraluminous acid dykes.

ТематикаРегиональная геология
МеткиHercynian rocks, Pyrenees, Syntectonic anatexis, Syntectonic magmatism, Герциниды, Пиренеи, Синтектоническое плавление
Автор(ы):Corbett P., Gardiner A., Lewis H
Издание:Heriot watt university, Edinburg, 2003 г., 146 стр.
Field excursion to the Southern Pyrenean and Ebro Foreland Basin, Spain
ТематикаГеологические экскурсии, Региональная геология
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