Автор(ы):Рэдулеску Д.П.
Редактор(ы):Святловский А.Е.
Издание:Недра, Москва, 1979 г., 255 стр., УДК: 551.21
Язык(и)Русский (перевод с румынского)
Вулканы сегодня и в геологическом прошлом

В последние годы повысился интерес к вопросам вулканизма, так как вулканическая деятельность является единственным проявлением "магматических процессов, доступным непосредственному наблюдению.
В книге рассмотрено положение вулканизма в общей структуре Земли с позиции новой глобальной тектоники; приведено географическое распространение вулканов на земном шаре, показаны происхождение и характер источников магмы. Рассказывается о предвестниках извержений, типах вулканических аппаратов и типах извержений. Описываются продукты вулканической деятельности, подводный вулканизм, субвулканические структуры. Особое внимание уделено рассмотрению процессов вулканизма в зонах расширения и сжатия, зонах субдукции.
Книга   рассчитана   на   широкий  круг геологов,   изучающих   процессы   вулканизма;   она   может быть также  использована   преподавателями и студентами геологических вузов.

Редактор(ы):Bartlett D., Singh R.P.
Издание:CRC Press, 2018 г., 526 стр., ISBN: 978-1-138-05443-1
Natural hazards. Earthquakes, volcanoes and landslides / Стихийные бедствия. Землетрясения, вулканы и оползни

Natural hazards are associated with land, ocean and atmospheric processes, and their impacts on human societies. Over the years, the interactions between land, ocean, biosphere and atmosphere have increased, mainly due to population growth and anthropogenic activities, which have impacted the climate and weather conditions at local, regional and global scales.

ТематикаВулканология, Общая геология
Редактор(ы):Erfurt-Cooper P.
Издание:Springer, 2014 г., 376 стр., ISBN: 978-3-642-16190-2
Volcanic tourist destinations Geoheritage, geoparks and geotourism Conservation and management Series / Вулканические туристические направления Геонаследие, геопарки и геотуризм Серия "Сохранение и управление"

Volcanic landscapes, both active and dormant, and their related features provide priceless natural resources, which are used worldwide as tourist attractions that are popular with people from a wide range of backgrounds.
The preparation for this book has taken rather longer than anticipated but combining the collective information was a complex task. The delay, however, turned into a blessing, as in the meantime several more volcanic areas acquired protected site status, either as inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage list or as members of the growing geopark associations such as the European Geopark Network, the Japanese Geopark Network and the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network. <...>

ТематикаВулканология, Геологические экскурсии
Редактор(ы):Cecconi M., Rotonda T., Silvestri., Tommasi P.
Издание:CRC Press, 2016 г., 199 стр., ISBN: 978-1-138-02886-9
Volcanic rocks and soils

Sensitive soils in the Bay of Plenty in North Island occur within weathered, rhyolitic pyroclastic and volcaniclastic deposits, with hydrated halloysite (not allophane) as the principal clay mineral.We evaluate the development of sensitivity and characteristic geomechnical behaviours for sequences of the silt-rich, halloysitic soils.

ТематикаВулканология, Почвоведение
МеткиВулканические почвы, Вулканы, Почвоведение
Автор(ы):Segall P.
Издание:Princeton University Press, 2010 г., 456 стр., ISBN: 978-0-691-73302-7
Earthquake and volcano deformation / Землетрясение и деформация вулканов

The past decades have witnessed a tremendous improvement in our ability to precisely measure deformation of the earth’s crust. Prior to the advent of space-based geodetic systems, crustal strains were measured by triangulation, leveling, and following the advent of lasers, Electronic Distance Meters (EDM). Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) was the first system to determine relative motion of sites at intercontinental distance scales and thus measure contemporary rates of platemotion.

Автор(ы):Schmincke H.-U.
Издание:Springer, 2004 г., 332 стр., ISBN: 3-540-43650-2
Volcanism / Вулканизм
Редактор(ы):Bird D.K., Fearnley C.J., Haynes K., Jolly G., McGuire W.J.
Издание:Springer, 2018 г., 752 стр., ISBN: 978-3-319-44095-8
Observing the volcano worldю Volcano сrisis сommunication / Наблюдение за миром вулканов. Предсказание извержений

This volume, Observing the volcano world: volcanic crisis communication, focuses at the point where the ‘rubber hits the road’, where the world of volcano-related sciences and all its uncertainties meet with the complex and ever-changing dynamics of our society, wherever and whenever this may be.

Издание 2
Автор(ы):Francis P., Oppenheimer C.
Издание:Oxford university press, 2004 г., 517 стр., ISBN: 0-19-925469-9
Volcanoes / Вулканы
Автор(ы):Parfitt E.A., Wilson L.
Издание:Blackwell, 2007 г., 255 стр., ISBN: 978-0-63205-443-5
Fundamentals of physical volcanology / Основы физической вулканологии

Our knowledge of the physics of how volcanoes work has expanded enormously over the past 40 years, as have our methods of studying volcanic processes. In the late 1960s, George Walker conducted experiments into the fall-out of volcanic particles from eruption clouds by using stopwatches to time the fall of pieces of tephra dropped down a stairwell at Imperial College, London.

Издание 3
Автор(ы):Gates A.E., Ritchie D.
Издание:Facts On File. Inc, 2007 г., 364 стр., ISBN: 0-8160-6302-8
Encyclopedia of earthquakes and volcanoes / Энциклопедия землетрясений и вулканов

Until the 1950s, the various branches of geology, including the study of volcanoes and earthquakes, appeared to have no real connection, and the progress of the science was toward continued divergence. What pulled everything back together was the radical concept of plate tectonics that came into fruition in the 1960s and 1970s. Plate tectonics is sometimes referred to as “the glue that holds geology together” to reflect this power. It explains virtually all volcanoes and the lion’s share of earthquakes and even relates them to each other.
The following review of plate tectonics is a good place to start for anyone needing a refresher.

ТематикаВулканология, Общая геология
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