Автор(ы):Allardyce W.J., Eilu P.K., Groves D.I., Mathison C.I.
Издание:University of Western Australia, 1999 г., 67 стр., ISBN: 0-86422-902-X
Atlas of alteration assemblages, styles and zoning in orogenic lode-gold deposits in a variety of host rock and metamorphic settings / Атлас типов изменений и зональностей в орогенных месторождениях золота в различных породах и метаморфических процессах

In a recent review article, Groves et al. (1998) suggested that lode-gold deposits worldwide, which have been variously termed mesothermal, turbidite-hosted, slate-belt hosted, greenstone-hosted, Mother lode-type or gold-only deposits, are a coherent group of gold deposits with a common origin.

Редактор(ы):Eilu P., Ojala J., Sarala P.
Издание:Association of Mining and Metallurgical, 2011 г., 88 стр., ISBN: 978-952-9618-74-3
Exploration for orogenic  gold deposits – with emphasis on  geochemical exploration in  glaciated Precambrian terrain / Разведка орогенных месторождений золота – с акцентом на геохимические исследования в области докембрийского оледенения

An orogenic gold deposit is a structurally controlled gold occurrence formed during one of the major stages of an orogeny by orogenic fluids. Any rock type within a greenstone or schist belt, a metamorphosed supracrustal rock, dyke, or intrusion within or intrusion bounding such belt may host an orogenic gold deposit.

ТематикаГеохимия, Полезные ископаемые
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