Atlas of sedimentary rocks under the microscope

Автор(ы):Adams A.E., Guilford C., MacKenzie W.S.
Издание:ELBS, 1988 г., 107 стр., ISBN: 0-582-02701-
Atlas of sedimentary rocks under the microscope

The study of rocks using thin sections and a petrographic microscope was initiated by llcnry Clifton Sorby in the middle of the nineteenth century and the first rocks he described were silicified limestones from the Jurassic in Yorkshire. This work was published in 1851. His presidential address to the Geological Society of London in 1879 was entitled 'On the structure and origin of limestones' and Sorby had a series of plates. made from camera Iucida drawings, reproduced for private circulation with copies of the text of his address. These illustrated the microscopic characteristics oflimestones from throughout the British geological record and amounted to the first petrographic atlas <...>

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