Guide to Cavern Engineering / Руководство по строительству в карстовых районах

Издание 2
Редактор(ы):Pun W.K.
Издание:The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, 2018 г., 264 стр.
Guide to Cavern Engineering / Руководство по строительству в карстовых районах

This Geoguide presents a recommended standard of good practice for the civil engineering aspects of rock cavern developments in Hong Kong. It also serves as a reference document for non-specialists involved in the planning and administration of cavern projects.The contents of this Geoguide are derived from international and Hong Kong practice. Whilst the scope of this document is defined as the design and construction of rock caverns, much of the material presented here is also applicable to tunnelling.
The previous version of Geoguide 4 was drafted by Mr O.J. Berthelsen of Berdal Stromme Consulting Engineers as sub-consultants to Ove Arup and Partners and was first published in 1992. During the “Enhanced Use of Underground Space in Hong Kong” study, which commenced in 2009, it was decided that a revised version of the Geoguide should be prepared to incorporate advances made since the original publication. This revision was prepared by a team led by Mr M.I. Wallace of Ove Arup and Partners under a consultancy agreement with the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO). The consultancy agreement was managed by Dr K.C. Ng and later Mr Y.K. Ho and his staff in the Planning Division of the Office.
The preparation of this Geoguide was overseen by a Working Group. The membership of the Working Group, including representatives from relevant government departments, local learned societies and the MTR Corporation Limited, are given on the following page. The Management Committee of the GEO provided overall steering to the preparation of the Geoguide.
To ensure that this Geoguide would be considered a consensus document by the practitioners, a draft version was circulated locally and abroad for comment to contractors, consulting engineers, academic institutions, professional bodies and government departments in 2016. Many individuals and organisations made very useful comments, which have been taken into account in finalising the Geoguide. Their contributions are gratefully acknowledged.
As with other Geoguides, this document gives guidance on good engineering practice, and its recommendations are not intended to be mandatory. As experience and good practice evolve, practitioners are encouraged to provide comments to the GEO on the contents of this Geoguide at any time, so that improvements can be made from time to time. This Geoguide is a continuously updated document. Updated information is released on the CEDD Website.

ТематикаИнженерная геология
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