Volcanic processes in ore genesis / Вулканические процессы в рудообразовании

Редактор(ы):Gass I.G.
Издание:The Geological Society of London, London, 1977 г., 193 стр., ISBN: 0-900488-33-6
Volcanic processes in ore genesis / Вулканические процессы в рудообразовании

Many geologists, particularly those in industry, have commented adversely on the adequacy of university geology courses as a realistic precursor to a vocational career in any branch of the earth sciences other than in the universities themselves. This volume, among other things, is evidence that university staff are concerned about this situation and are introducing the reality, stringency and urgency of industry into areas where, until recently, they have been absent or poorly represented. In this context the study of volcanic processes belongs almost entirely to academics, whereas ore genesis, although a fascinating intellectual subiect, is of prime concern to the mining industry.The contents of this volume are the proceedings of a joint two-day meeting of the Volcanic Studies Group of the Geological Society of London and the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy held on 21 and 22 January, 1976. It is relevant to note that the proposal to hold this meeting came from the dominantly academic Volcanic Studies Group, whose members saw it as an opportunity to usefully marry the rapidly increasing knowledge on volcanic processes to the economically critical understanding of ore genesis. The proposal to hold a joint meeting was enthusiastically supported by the Institution, and representatives from both groups started to plan the meeting. <...>

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