Hydraulic Calculation Handbook / Руководство по гидравлическому расчету

Издание:Schlumberger, 2000 г., 392 стр.
Hydraulic Calculation Handbook / Руководство по гидравлическому расчету

For any oilfield analysis, it is necessary to understand how to calculate areas, volumes and capacities. Fortunately, areas and capacities of tubing and casing are in most field handbooks and in the engineering tables of this book. Most readers of this document will remember how to calculate areas and volumes from grade school, so only a brief review is presented here.
The engineering tables at the back of this book provide all the necessary data to determine well capacities quite easily. The first few sample problems are solved manually to show how the tables were generated. Thereafter, the tables will be used as much as possible to simplify the problem solving. Understanding how the data was generated will make the calculations more meaningful and the tables easier to use. In any case, a clear understanding of the basic principles is necessary before proceeding as subsequent concepts will build on prior ones. <...>

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