Reservoir geophysics / Геофизика коллекторов

Редактор(ы):Sheriff R.E.
Издание:Society of exploration geophysicists, Tulsa, 1992 г., 400 стр.
Reservoir geophysics / Геофизика коллекторов

Historically, geophysicists ted the results of their work to exploiation geologists, who then ted their conclusions to development geologists, who in turn fed the results of their studies (maps) to peti oleum engmeeis, who used the maps, in conjunction with measurements in wells and on samples taken from wells, to develop and produce oil and gas fields. Only rarely was the direction ot information flow reversed "he knowledge and capabilities of exploration people generally did not contribute to development-production decision making except for the parts of their information that had been included in the haidcopy maps and reports. The upstream data were not reviewed in the light of the information found out downstieam This obviously inefficient method of communication has persisted throughout most of petroleum exploration and development history. <...>

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