Reservoir engeneering / Разработка пластов (добыча углеводородов)

Автор(ы):Somerville J., Todd A.
Издание:Department of petroleum engineering, 2001 г., 778 стр.
Reservoir engeneering / Разработка пластов (добыча углеводородов)

With the petroleum industry’s desire to conserve and produce oil and gas more efficiently a field of specialisation has developed called Petroleum Reservoir Engineering, This new science which can be traced back only to the mid 1930’s has been built up on a wealth of scientific and practical experience from field and laboratory. In the 1959 text of Craft & Hawkins1 on Applied Reservoir Engineering it is commented that “as early as 1928 petroleum engineers were giving serious consideration to gas-energy relationships and recognised the need for more precise information concerning physical conditions as they exist in wells and underground reservoirs. Early progress in oil recovery methods made it obvious that computations made from wellhead or surface data were generally misleading.” Dake2, in his text "The Practise of Reservoir Engineering", comments that “Reservoir Engineering shares the distinction with geology in being one of the "underground sciences’ of the oil industry, attempting to describe what occurs in the wide open spaces of the reservoir between the sparse points of observation - the wells” <...>

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