Formation of gold deposits / Образование золоторудных месторождений

Автор(ы):Phillips N.
Издание:Springer, 2022 г., 293 стр., ISBN: 978-981-16-3080-4
Formation of gold deposits / Образование золоторудных месторождений

How gold deposits form is a question at the heart of human curiosity in a similar way to the evolution of mankind or the beginning of the universe. Gold gives great joy by its colour, lack of tarnish and use in jewellery. In many civilisations, gold has been a symbol and store of wealth. Today, gold is a vital component of electronics from smart phones to space probes. A better understanding of gold deposits can lead to increased exploration success and commercial advantage for the annual US$100 billion-plus global gold industry.

This book is designed for readers with an interest in gold, science, the mineral industry, and natural curiosity. It is based upon the author’s career researching and teaching about the formation of gold deposits; and is written particularly for geoscience undergraduates, postgraduates, and professional geologists from the mineral industry. The book will be relevant to company leaders, stockbrokers, curious prospectors, and retired scientists. <...>

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