Introduction to ore-forming processes / Введение в рудообразующие процессы

Автор(ы):Robb L.
Издание:Blackwell, 2005 г., 385 стр., ISBN: 0-632-06378-5
Introduction to ore-forming processes / Введение в рудообразующие процессы

Given the unprecedented growth of human population over the past century, as well as the related increase in demand for and production of natural resources, it is evident that understanding the nature, origin and distribution of the world’s mineral deposits remains a strategic topic. The discipline of “economic geology,” which covers all aspects pertaining to the description and understanding of mineral resources, is, therefore, one which traditionally has been, and should remain, a core component of the university earth science curriculum. It is also the discipline that underpins the training of professional earth scientists working in the minerals and related industries of the world. A tendency in the past has been to treat economic geology as a vocational topic and to provide instruction only to those individuals who wished to specialize in the discipline or to follow a career in the minerals industry. In more recent years, changes in earth science curricula have resulted in a trend, at least in a good many parts of the world, in which economic geology has been sidelined <...>

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