Advanced drilling and well technology / Передовые технологии бурения и эксплуатации скважин

Редактор(ы):Aadnoy B.S., Cooper I., Miska S.Z., Mitchell R.F., Payne M.L.
Издание:Society of petroleum engineers, 2009 г., 878 стр., ISBN: 978-1-55563-145-1
Advanced drilling and well technology / Передовые технологии бурения и эксплуатации скважин

This book has been compiled principally to lead well engineers through advanced drilling and well-design technology. The well-construction process provides the fundamental backbone to support such well design and completion design. We also will introduce the new technology that is applied in the design of wells and in the drilling process.
Advanced Drilling and Well Technology is aimed at the application of fundamental well-design techniques, but it also addresses far more complex challenges; the SPE textbook Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering (Mitchell 2009) holds a wealth of information on the fundamentals. The objective of this book is to capture the vast development that has taken place in drilling during the past decade to address meeting the requirements of designing more-challenging wells and completions. Significant advances have been seen in deepwater drilling, underbalanced drilling, logging while drilling, and pressure and temperature measurements during drilling, as a few examples. These two SPE books are closely tied together and will be considered complementary.
In short, this book will link theory to practical applications and includes detailed case studies where appropriate. Although some derivations of fundamentals are required, the idea is to refer to Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering to a large extent.
This chapter sets out the framework of the well-construction process into which, in practice, the design techniques are drawn one at a time at the appropriate points. Often, several alternative ways to design a well will be reviewed at the outset. Once the selection has narrowed the choice to a limited number of designs, thorough checks will be made on each design to assess viability and determine the value each design offers in terms of both direct outcomes and opportunities (particularly to address long-term life-cycle issues); the risks will also be assessed.

ТематикаГорючие полезные ископаемые, Бурение
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