Petroleum production systems / Системы добычи нефти

Автор(ы):Economides M.J., Ehlig-Economides C., Hill A.D.
Издание:Prentice-Hall Inc, 1993 г., 609 стр., ISBN: 0-13-658683-X
Petroleum production systems / Системы добычи нефти

For several years while teaching iri academia or in the industry we have recognized a need for a comprehensive and relatively advanced textbook iri petroleum production engineering. Currently available texts and monographs failed to provide sufficient scope and depth to be suitable for engineering education. We wanted to develop a petroleum engineering textbook at the level of analogous publications in other engineering disciplines, intended to offer terminal exposure to senior undergraduates or an introduction to graduate students.
All of us have had extensive experience in both university and industrial settings. We feel that our areas of interest are complementary and ideally suited for this textbook, spanning classical production engineering, well testing, production logging, artificial lift, and matrix and hydraulic fracture stimulation. We have been contributors in these areas for several years <...>

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