Encyclopedia of Geology. A-E

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Редактор(ы):M.Cocks, Richard C.Selly, Robin L., Ian R.Plimer
Издание:Elsevier, Oxford, 2005 г., 633 стр., ISBN: 0-12-636380-3 (set)
Encyclopedia of Geology. A-E

Few areas of science can have changed as fast as geology has in the past forty years. In the first half of the last century geologists were divided, often bitterly, between the drifters and those who believed that the Earth and its continents were static. Neither side of this debate foresaw that the application of methods from physics, chemistry and mathematics to these speculations would revolutionize the study of all aspects of the Earth Sciences, and would lead to accurate and detailed reconstructions of world geography at former times, as well as to an understanding of the origin of the forces that maintain the continental movements. This change in world-view is no longer controversial, and is now embedded in every aspect of the Earth Sciences. It is a real pleasure to see this change, which has revitalized so many classic areas of research, reflected in the articles of this encyclopedia. Particularly affected are the articles on large-scale Earth processes, which discuss many of the new geological ideas that have come from geophysics and geochemistry. Forty years ago we had no understanding of these topics, which are fundamental to so many aspects of the Earth Sciences. The editors have decided, and in my view quite rightly, not to include detailed discussion of the present technology that is used to make geophysical and geochemical measurements. Such instrumental aspects are changing rapidly and become dated very quickly. They can easily be found in more technical publications. Instead the editors have concentrated on the influence such studies have had on our understanding of the Earth and its evolution, and in so doing have produced an excellent and accessible account of what is now known.

Any encyclopedia has to satisfy a wide variety of users, and in particular those who know that some subject like sedimentation or mineral exploration is part of geology, and go to an encyclopedia of geology to find out more. The editors have made a very thorough attempt to satisfy such users, and have included sections on such unexpected geological topics as the evolution of the Earth’s atmosphere, the geology of Jupiter, Saturn, and their moons, aggregates, and creationism. I congratulate the editors and authors for producing such a fine summary of our present knowledge, and am particularly pleased that they intend to produce an online version of the encyclopedia. Though I have become addicted to using the Internet as my general encyclopedia, I will be delighted to be able to access something concerned with my own field that is as organized and scholarly as are these volumes.

Dan McKenzie

Royal Society Professor of Earth Sciences

Cambridge University, UK

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