Landslides. Analysis and control / Оползни. Анализ и контроль

Автор(ы):Krizek R.J., Schuster R.L.
Издание:National academy of sciences, 1978 г., 257 стр.
Landslides. Analysis and control / Оползни. Анализ и контроль

This book is a successor to Highway Research Board Special Report 29, Landslides and Engineering Practice (1.8). Special Report 29, which was written by the Highway Research Board Committee on Landslide Investigations and published in 1958, achieved an excellent reputation, both in North America and abroad, as a text on landslides. Because of its popularity, the original printing was sold out within a few years after publication. Since then, there has been a continuing interest in reissuing the original text or publishing a worthwhile successor.
In 1972 the Highway Research Board organized the Task Force for Review of Special Report 29—Landslides. The membership of this task force was selected from several committees within the HRB Soils and Geology Group: its charge was

ТематикаИнженерная геология
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