Environmental geology / Экологическая геология

Издание 10
Автор(ы):Montgomery C.W.
Издание:McGraw-Hill Book Company, 2014 г., 563 стр., ISBN: 978–0–07–352411–5
Environmental geology / Экологическая геология

The environment is the sum of all the features and conditions surrounding an organism that may infl uence it. An individual’s physical environment encompasses rocks and soil, air and water, such factors as light and temperature, and other organisms. One’s social environment might include a network of family and friends, a particular political system, and a set of social customs that affect one’s behavior.
Geology is the study of the earth. Because the earth provides the basic physical environment in which we live, all of geology might in one sense be regarded as environmental geology. However, the term environmental geology is usually restricted to refer particularly to geology as it relates directly to human activities, and that is the focus of this book. Environmental geology is geology applied to living. We will examine how geologic processes and hazards infl uence human activities (and sometimes the reverse), the geologic aspects of pollution
and waste-disposal problems, and several other topics. <...>

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