Contact metamorphism / Контактовый метаморфизм

Редактор(ы):Kerrick D.M.
Издание:Department of Geological Sciences, 1991 г., 863 стр., ISBN: 0-939950-31-6
Contact metamorphism / Контактовый метаморфизм

Since V.M. Goldschmidt's (1911) classic study on the Oslo area of Norway, contact aureoles have provided excellent natural "laboratories" for the elucidation of the processes and conditions of metamorphism. Reverdatto (1973) compiled petrologic studies on contact metamorphism. However, considerable research on the processes and controls of contact metamorphism has been carried out in the last two decades. This volume presents a review of contact metamorphism from a variety of geological subdisciplines (igneous and metamorphic petrology, geochemistry, thermal modeling, and structural geology). This chapter presents a brief overview of the controls and processes of contact metamorphism, and is primarily intended for readers who are relatively unfamiliar with this topic <...>

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