Sulfide mineralogy / Сульфидная минералогия

Автор(ы):Robbie P.H.
Издание:Mineralogical Society of America, 1982 г.
Sulfide mineralogy / Сульфидная минералогия

Short courses of mineralogical interest were begun in 1965 in conjunction with the annual meetings of the Geological Society of America. Sponsored by the American Geological Institute Committee on Education and directed by J.V. Smith of the University of Chicago, short courses of feldspars (1965), pyroxenes and amphiboles (1966), sheet silicates (1967), and resonance spectroscopy (1968) were presented by mineralogists with expertise in these subject areas. With each succeeding year the course notes became more comprehensive and formalized, and AGI published these at low cost for distribution in the geological community. Unfortunately, AGI has been financially unable to continue this service. <...>

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