Remote sensing of geomorphology / Дистанционное геоморфологическое зондирование

Редактор(ы):Mudd S.M., Tarolli P.
Издание:Elsevier, 2020 г., 397 стр., ISBN: 978-0-444-64177-9
Remote sensing of geomorphology / Дистанционное геоморфологическое зондирование

This latest volume on Remote Sensing of Geomorphology edited by Paolo Tarolli and Simon Mudd gives a refreshing new look at a group of topics and processes that have greatly intrigued quite a number of scientists most interested in using new technologies to investigate the landforms of our home planet. Once global overviews of regional landforms became a common endeavor more than 30 years ago (Short and Blair, 1986), the use of myriads of satellite sensing systems and new technologies and methods to assess various environmental parameters became more common. As the imagery platforms and technologies continue to improve, in fact, the methodologies developed here can also be used to assess a variety of extraterrestrial bodies as well. No doubt we will continue to use the Earth-bound term “geo” morphology to refer to the landforms on many other such bodies in space as well, even though that would be a bit of an etymological misnomer. Still, the newer methodologies discussed in this book do point to the many interesting ways of looking at near-surface and surficial landforms, and continue to break new ground.<...>

ТематикаГеоморфология, Дистанционные методы
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