Geomorphology current perspectives / Текущие перспективы геоморфологии

Редактор(ы):Oyguc R., Vieira A.
Издание:94 стр.
Geomorphology current perspectives / Текущие перспективы геоморфологии

Geodiversity and biodiversity are the two fundamental components of Nature that must be analyzed simultaneously for good management of the natural environment. Geodiversity, including geomorphodiversity, has values that make it possible to define the geosystem services on the basis of which it is possible to establish protocols for the sustainable development of the territory analyzed. Both the values of geodiversity and the geosystem services they provide are key elements for the definition of Natural Protected Areas (NPAs). Furthermore, it is also necessary to consider the assessment of the geodiversity and geomorphodiversity of the territory under consideration, so that a zoning can be established in terms of the geodiversity index (geodiversity/geomorphodiversity gradient) that favors the establishment of specific geoconservation protocols according to the value of these indices. In addition, NPAs should be considered as elements belonging to a network in which the different natural systems of the territory in which the network is defined are represented. In the case of geodiversity or geomorphodiversity, the network must be supported by the definition of geological contexts, representative of the major geological units that are observable in the territory. <...>1. Geodiversity as a Tool for the Nature Conservation
2. Genetic Algorithm Based Software for Optimization and Design of Piles on Slopes

3. Slope Stability Analyses Subjected to Slide Head Toppling Failure Mechanisms

4. Numerical Investigation of Rainfall Infiltration-Induced Slope Stability Considering Water-Air Two-Phase Flow

5. The Impact of Earthquakes on Dropout Doline (Cover Collapse Sinkhole) Development: A Case Study from the Environs of Mečenčani and Borojevići (Croatia)


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