Advances in minerals research / Достижения в изучении полезных ископаемых

Редактор(ы):Ikhmayies S.J.
Издание:Springer, 2024 г., 320 стр., ISBN: 978-3-031-49174-0
Advances in minerals research / Достижения в изучении полезных ископаемых

Minerals are the backbone of all types of industry and energy technologies, providing them with the necessary materials. The book advances in minerals research is a rich reference for all those interested in minerals research and industry. Researchers will find in this book recent experimental results and in-depth discussions. Academics, graduate, and undergraduate students will find reviews and fundamental material. Beginners and research followers will find introductory material and basics to start their way. The book includes ten chapters described briefly in the following paragraphs.

Introduction to Mineral Research (Can Gungoren, Ilgin Kursun Unver, and Orhan Ozdemir)

Use of Ultrasound in Physical and Chemical Mineral Processing Operations (Can Gungoren, Safak Gokhan Ozkan, and Orhan Ozdemir)

Advanced Techniques on Fine and Coarse Particle Flotation (Oktay ёSahbaz, Ali Uзar, Зa.gri Emer, and Cengiz Karagьzel)

Differentiation Between Natural Quartz-Based on Thermoluminescence Properties (Shrouk Farouk, Ahmed Gad, and Nabil El-Faramawy)

Silicones and Their Applications (Rukhmah Riaz, Maqzia Bashir, Kainat Imtiaz, Abbas Rahdar, Muhammad Faizan Nazar, Sajjad Hussain Sumrra, Leili Mohammadi, and Muhammad Nadeem Zafar)

Overview of Some Production Routes for Hydroxyapatite and Its Applications (Medhat Ibrahim, Rasha A. Youness, and Mohammed A. Taha)

Biomineralization of CaCO3: A Biomimetic Approach Using In Vitro Model Systems (Debojit Paul and Gopal Das)

Mineralization of Low-Carbon Bio-carbonate, Bio-phosphate, and Bio-composite Cements (Xiaoniu Yu and Qiyong Zhang)

Advances in Mineral-Based Form Stable Phase Change Materials (Xiaobin Gu and Kaijun Dong)

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