Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics/Энциклопедия по геофизике Земли

Автор(ы):Гупта Харш К.
Издание:Springer, 2011 г., 1578 стр., ISBN: 978-90-481-8701-0
Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics/Энциклопедия по геофизике Земли

Первое издание энциклопедии по геофизике земли было издано в 1989 издательской компанией Вана Ностранда Реинхолда. Более двадцати лет спустя, это новое издание, отредактированное профессором Харшом К. Гупта, представляет полностью пересмотренную и расширенную работу. Энциклопедия объединяет более 200 статей, охватывающих уже установленные и новые концепции геофизики из различных разделов науки, таких как геодезия, геомагнетизм, сейсмология, глубинные земные процессы, тектоника плит, вычислительные методы, и т.д. в систематическом и последовательном формате. Это авторитетный источник информации благодаря вкладу редакторов и авторов со всего света, предназначенный для нынешних и будущих поколений профессионалов.

All information about the Earth’s interior comes from field observations and measurements made within the top few kilometers of the surface, from laboratory experiments and from the powers of human deduction, relying on complex numerical modeling. Solid Earth Geophysics encompasses all these endeavors and aspires to define and quantify the internal structure and processes of the Earth in terms of the principles of physics, corresponding mathematical formulations and computational procedures. The role of Solid Earth Geophysics has gained prominence withincreasing recognition of the fact that knowledge and understanding of Earth processes are central to the continued well being of the global community. Apart from persistent search for natural resources, this research line is linked to basic investigations regarding the mutual relationships between climate and tectonics and on the effects of global change in terms of a wide spectrum of natural hazards. Consequently, the pursuit of this science has seen spectacular progress all over the world in recent decades, both in fundamental and applied aspects, necessarily aided by advancements in allied fields of science and technology. The Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics, aims to serve as a comprehensive compendium of information on important topics of Solid Earth Geophysics and provide a systematic and up-to-date coverage of its important aspects including primary concepts as well as key topics of interest. It, however, does not claim to chronicle each and every niche area that in reality is a part of this multidisciplinary and multi-faceted science. Neither does it attempt to describe the basic physics of matter and energy systems, which comprise the underlying tenets of geophysical research. The first edition of this Encyclopedia, 

edited by Prof. David James, was published in 1989 by the Van Nostrand Reinhold publishing company. The extraordinary growth and diversification of this scienceover the last twenty years called for a complete revision.

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