Редактор(ы):Slaymaker O.
Издание:Wiley, 1996 г., 223 стр., ISBN: 0-471-96213-9
Geomorphic hazards / Геоморфологические опасности

A geomorphic hazard results from any landform change that adversely affects the geomorphic stability of a site (Schumm, 1988) and that intersects the human use system with adverse socioeconomic impacts (White, 1974).

Автор(ы):Ollier C.
Издание:Belhaven Press, 1991 г., 247 стр., ISBN: 1-85293-074-8
Ancient landform / Древние формы рельефа

This book is about the study of landforms, a science commonly called geomorphology or physiography, and it differs from almost all other books on the subject in the vast time-scale that is considered.

Редактор(ы):Marchetti M., Rivas V.
Издание:A.A.Balkema, 2001 г., 221 стр., ISBN: 90-5809-344-1
Geomorphology and environmental impact assessment / Геоморфология и оценка воздействия на окружающую среду
Издание 2
Автор(ы):Selby M.J.
Издание:Oxford university press, 1993 г., 451 стр., ISBN: 0-19-874165-0
Hillslope materials and processes / Склоновые материалы и процессы
Автор(ы):Schaffer J.P.
Издание:1997 г., 405 стр., ISBN: 0-89997-219-5
The geomorphic evolution of the Yosemite Valley and Sierra Nevada Landscapes. Solving the Riddles in the rocks / Геоморфологическая эволюция ландшафтов долины Йосемити и Сьерра-Невады. Разгадываем загадки в скалах

Every year millions of people visit Yosemite Valley, and they encounter stunning scenery that can overwhelm their senses. This experience is as true today as it was when the valley was discovered. The first recorded discovery of Yosemite Valley by western civilization was made by Major James D. Savage’s Mariposa Battalion, which, pursuing “hostile Indians” up the Merced River drainage, entered the valley on March 27, 1851. Early rumors about the valley had not prepared the men for the overpowering view now before them (Figure 1). <...>

МеткиГеоморфология, Йосемити, Невада
Автор(ы):Budel J.
Издание:Princeton University Press, 1982 г., 471 стр.
Climatic geomorphology / Климатическая геоморфология

This book discusses new insights concerning the influence of the climate upon the earth’s relief, in particular upon the continents. It has been found that this climatic, this exogenic influence is much stronger than any endogenous influence. Endogenous forces, as any geologic map will show, are distributed randomly over the entire earth, while the exogenic influence of climate follows strict rules in its distribution from the pole to the equator, both today as in the past. Their distribution and intensity make climatic influences the best basis upon which to found a system of geomorphology, such as the one presented here.

ТематикаГеоморфология, Климатология
Автор(ы):Buckle C.
Издание:Longman, 1978 г., 263 стр., ISBN: 0582-60334-Х
Landforms in Africa. An introduction to geomorphology / Формы рельефа Африки. Введение в геоморфологию

This book is intended primarily for the student of African geomorphology. Its originality lies in the fact that, with the exception of certain glacial and periglacial features, the examples are drawn entirely from Africa. More than ten years have passed since I first discovered to my amazement that throughout large parts of Africa most physical geography textbooks and much teaching involved the use of European or North American examples. Now, while there is an enormous volume of literature on African geomorphology in various academic journals and research bulletins, these are frequently inaccessible to students or else are published in foreign languages. It is my belief, therefore, that there has long been a need in schools and colleges for a basic text utilising this vast fund of knowledge. I hope that, in part, the present book may satisfy this need.

Редактор(ы):Fairbridge R.W.
Издание:Reinhold book corporation, 1968 г., 1219 стр.
The encyclopedia of geomorphology

'The Encyclopedia of Geomorphology" appears as the first alphabetic, encyclopedic treatment of the science of Geomorphology—the analytic physiography of the Earth's surface. It is numbered, for convenience in cross-referencing, as Volume III of the "Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences'* series that Reinhold is publishing under the present editor. At this time eight volumes either have appeared or are in preparation. Each volume is completely autonomous and runs from A to Z within its own subdisciplines.

Редактор(ы):Anderson M.G., Richards K.S.
Издание:John Wiley & Sons INC, 1987 г., 663 стр., ISBN: 0-471-91021-Х
Slope stability. Geotechnical engineerng and geomorphology / Устойчивость склонов. Инженерно-геологические изыскания и геоморфология

Problems of slope stability, instability, and the associated mass movement processes of slope failure, represent research themes common to both geotechnical engineers and geomorphologists, although their perspectives clearly differ. While the engineering concern is generally site specific and limited by project design-life considerations to time periods of less than 100 years, for the geomorphologist longer term slope stability and slope evolution, involving a mixture of slope processes operating over tens of thousands of years, constitute a major area of enquiry (e.g. Kirkby, 1984).

ТематикаГеоморфология, Горное дело
Автор(ы):Зайцев В.А., Панина Л.В.
Редактор(ы):Панина Л.В.
Издание:Издательство Перо, Москва, 2022 г., 154 стр., УДК: 551.4 (470.311)(075.8), ISBN: 978-5-00204-258-6
Учебно-методическое пособие по проведению геолого-геоморфологической практики в районе Чашниковской впадины (геология, геоморфология и современные  геологические процессы)

Это пособие является вторым изданием, дополненным и содержащим изменения. В пособии приводится геолого-геоморфологический очерк и описаны современные физико-геологические процессы территории Чашниковской впадины и ее обрамления. Существенное внимание уделено методическим аспектам проведения геолого-геоморфологической практики.
Данное методическое руководство в первую очередь предназначено для студентов 1 курса факультета почвоведения МГУ имени М.В. Ломоносова, а также может быть полезно для студентов, преподавателей естественных факультетов как МГУ, так и других вузов, а также школьников, интересующихся геологией Подмосковья.
Авторы выражают благодарность своим коллегам – преподавателям, которые в течение многих лет проводили эту практику и принимали участие в написании и оформлении первого издания пособия.

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