Редактор(ы):Mazumder R.
Издание:Elsevier, 2017 г., 594 стр., ISBN: 978-0-12-803386-9
Sediment provenance. Influences on compositional change from source to sink / Происхождение осадка. Влияние на состав от источника к отложению

The term “provenance” originates from the Latin word “provenire,” meaning to originate. Although commonly used to indicate source or parent rock from which sediments were generated, the term “provenance” actually encompasses all factors related to sediment production, with “specific reference to the composition of the parent rocks as well as the physiography and climate of the source area” (Weltje and Eynatten, 2004). Sedimentary provenance data play a critical role in assessing palaeogeographic reconstructions, in constraining lateral displacements in orogens, in characterizing crust that is no longer exposed, in mapping depositional systems, in subsurface correlation, and in predicting reservoir quality (Haughton et al., 1991; Weltje and Eynatten, 2004; Garzanti et al., 2014; Bhattacharya et al., 2016). <...>

Автор(ы):Allen P.A.
Издание:Cambridge University Press, 2017 г., 421 стр., ISBN: 978-1-107-09199-3
Sediment routing systems. The fate of sediment from source to sink / Пути миграции осадка. Изменение осадка от образования до отложения

This cutting-edge summary combines ideas from several sub-disciplines, including geology, geomorphology, oceanography and geochemistry, to provide an integrated view of Earth surface dynamics in terms of sediment generation, transport and deposition. Introducing a global view of fundamental concepts underpinning source-to-sink studies, it provides an analysis of the component segments which make up sediment routing systems. The functioning of sediment routing systems is illustrated through calculations of denudation and sedimentation as well as the response to external drivers; with the final sections focusing on the stratigraphic record of sediment routing systems. Containing quantitative solutions to a wide range of problems in Earth surface dynamics, this book is suitable for graduate students as well as academic and professional researchers. philip a. allen is Emeritus Professor of Sedimentary Geology at Imperial College London and a process-oriented Earth scientist with a particular interest in the interactions and feedbacks between the solid Earth and its ‘exosphere’ through the critical interface of the Earth’s surface. He has received the Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award for 2006 to 2011 and the Lyell Medal from the Geological Society of London in 2007. He served on the Council of the Geological Society from 2008 to 2012, and was Secretary of the Science Committee from 2009 to 2012.

Издание 2
Автор(ы):Leeder M.
Издание:Wiley Blackwell, 2001 г., 1599 стр., ISBN: 978-1-4443-4992-4
Sedimentology and sedimentary basins: from turbulence to tectonics / Седиментология и осадочные бассейны: от турбулентности до тектоники

The noun sediment comes to the English language from the Latin root sedimentum, meaning settling or sinking down,aform ofthe verb sedere,to sit orsettle. In earth and environmental sciences, sediment has a wide context that includes many forms of organic and mineral matter. In Part 1 we look more deeply at the origins of the sediment that occurs on and under the surface of the solid planets and which may be used to infer past environmental conditions and changes. Sediment accumulations may be grandly viewed as the great stratal archive of past surface environments, or more basically as‘dirt’. There has been sediment on the surface of the Earth since the Archaean, with the oldest known sediment grains dating from at least 4.4Ga (Part 1 Fig. 1). Sediment also mantles the surface of many other planets and their satellites, notably Mars, Venus and Saturn’s moon, Titan. <...>

Редактор(ы):Allen J.R.L., Pye K.
Издание:The Geological Society of London, 2000 г., 443 стр., ISBN: 1-86239-070-3
Coastal and Estuarine Environments: sedimentology, geomorphology and geoarchaeology / Береговая среда и среда эстуариев: седиментология, геоморфология и геоархеология

This book arises from a two day international conference held at the Geological Society of London in November 1998. The meeting was organized with the purpose of bringing together sedimentologists, geomorphologists, archaeologists, environmental scientists and environmental managers to discuss recent research and topical issues relating to the interactions between natural processes, morphology and human activities in coastal and estuarine environments. More than 200 delegates, from 16 countries, attended the meeting over the course of the two days, stimulating lively discussion both about basic scientific issues and management implications. The meeting was sponsored by the British Sedimentological Research Group, the British Geomorphological Research Group, and English Heritage, and was also supported by the Environmental Sedimentology Committee of the International Association of Sedimentologists. The editors would like to thank these organizations, together with staff at the Geological Society and numerous daily helpers, especially postgraduate students and others from the University of Reading, for their generous assistance in making the meeting a great success

ТематикаЛитология, Геоморфология
Издание 2
Автор(ы):Boggs S.
Издание:Cambridge University Press, 2009 г., 611 стр., ISBN: 978-0-511-71933-2
Petrology of the sedimentary rocks / Петрология осадочных горных пород

Sedimentary rocks form at low temperatures and pressures at the surface of Earth owing to deposition by water, wind, or ice. By contrast, igneous and metamorphic rocks form mainly below Earth’s surface where temperatures and pressures may be orders of magnitude higher than those at the surface, although volcanic rocks eventually cool at the surface. These fundamental differences in the origin of rocks lead to differences in physical and chemical characteristics that distinguish one kind of rock from another. Sedimentary rocks are characterized particularly by the presence of layers, although layers are also present in some volcanic and metamorphic rocks, and by distinctive textures and structures. Many sedimentary rocks are also distinguished from igneous and metamorphic rocks by their mineral and chemical compositions and fossil content.

Издание 2
Автор(ы):Nichols G.
Издание:Wiley Blackwell, 2009 г., 431 стр., ISBN: 978-1-4051-3592-4
Sedimentology and stratigraphy / Седиментология и стратиграфия

Sedimentology is the study of the processes of formation, transport and deposition of material that accumulates as sediment in continental and marine environments and eventually forms sedimentary rocks. Stratigraphy is the study of rocks to determine the order and timing of events in Earth history: it provides the time frame that allows us to interpret sedimentary rocks in terms of dynamic evolving environments. The stratigraphic record of sedimentary rocks is the fundamental database for understanding the evolution of life, plate tectonics through time and global climate change.

ТематикаЛитология, Историческая геология
Автор(ы):Dickson J.A.D., Tucker M.E., Wright V.P.
Издание:Blackwell science Ltd, 2002 г., 482 стр., ISBN: 0-632-01472-5
Carbonates sedimentology / Седиментология карбонатов
ТематикаЛитология, Историческая геология
Автор(ы):Селли Р.Ч.
Редактор(ы):Холодов В.Н.
Издание:Недра, Москва, 1981 г., 370 стр., УДК: 551.3.051+552.
Язык(и)Русский (перевод с английского)
Введение в седиментологию

Приведен кратким исторический обзор развития седиментологии. Рассмотрено строение осадочных пород, даны методы оценки размеров зерен, их слагающих, степени их окатанности. Определено понятие «седиментационный цикл», описаны аллохтонные и автохтонные осадки, процессы транспортировки и отложения осадочного материала, текстуры осадочных пород. Изложены основы фациального анализа, дана классификация фациальных обстановок. Рассмотрено формирование и эволюция седимента-ционных бассейнов в различных структурно-тектонических зонах Земли. Освещены практические проблемы седиментологии в связи с формированием залежей нефти и газа, осадочных рудных месторождений.
Книга предназначается для широкого круга геологов. Может быть использована преподавателями и студентами нефтяных и геологических институтов и факультетов.

ТематикаЛитология, Историческая геология
Автор(ы):Жемчугова В.А.
Издание:РГУ нефти и газа имени И.М.Губкина, Москва, 2014 г., 344 стр., УДК: 550.8, ISBN: 978-5-91961-116-6
Практическое применение резервуарной седиментологии при моделировании углеводородных систем

Приведены основные сведения об условиях формирования пород, с которыми связана углеводородная продуктивность недр. Рассмотрена концепция секвенс-стратиграфии как методологической базы прогноза структуры и свойств природных резервуаров. На многочисленных примерах из различных нефтегазоносных областей мира продемонстрированы возможности применения результатов седиментационного моделирования при выборе направлений поисково-разведочных работ. Учебное пособие подготовлено на базовой кафедре (ООО «Газпромнефть НТЦ») «Геология углеводородных систем» для теоретической и практической подготовки студентов, магистрантов и аспирантов, специализирующихся в области «Технологии моделирования углеводородных систем».

ТематикаГорючие полезные ископаемые
Автор(ы):Жемчугова В.А.
Издание:ЕАГЕ Геомодель, Москва, 2014 г., 232 стр., УДК: 551.33.051, ISBN: 978-90-73834-70-5
Резервуарная седиментология карбонатных отложений

В книге детально рассматриваются современные представления об условиях и механизмах накопления карбонатных толщ, а также о влиянии этих условий на формирование фильтрационно-ёмкостных характеристик пород-коллекторов и флюидоупоров. Анализируются применяемые на практике подходы к созданию седиментационно-ёмкостных моделей карбонатных резервуаров, и в первую очередь реализованные в рамках методических приёмов стратиграфии секвенций.

Книга содержит множество примеров использования результатов седиментологических исследований для разработки геологических моделей карбонатных резервуаров и обоснования их добычных характеристик.

Книга предназначена для геологов и геофизиков, занимающихся вопросами геологического строения месторождений нефти и газа, подсчетом запасов, обоснованием направлений поисково-разведочных работ

ТематикаГорючие полезные ископаемые, Литология
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