An introduction to applied geostatistics

Автор(ы):Isaaks E.H., Srivastava R.M.
Издание:Oxford university press, Oxford, 1989 г., 577 стр.
An introduction to applied geostatistics

This began as an attempt to write the book that we wish we had read when we were trying to learn geostatistics, a task that turned out to be much more difficult than we originally envisaged. To the many people who provided encouragement, support, and advice throughout the writing of this book, we are very grateful.

We owe a lot to Andre Journel, without whom this book would never have been written. In addition to providing the support necessary for this project, he has been an insightful technical reviewer and an energetic cheerleader.

We are indebted to Gordon Luster for his thorough and thoughtful proofreading; at times it seemed as if Gordon was spending as much energy reviewing our material as we were in writing it. Harry Parker also spent considerable time in reviewing the book and his comments have helped us to keep the book focused on its goal of a simplified practical introduction. The book has also benefitted from the comments and criticisms of the following people who have read all or parts of it: Kadri Dagdelen, Bruce Davis, Doug Hartzell, Young C. Kim, Neil Schofield, and Andy Solow.

Though the preparation of camera-ready copy has taught us how hard it is to produce a book, it has been a very satisfying and rewarding experience. We would like to express our thanks to Oxford University. Press for their tolerance and patience as we struggled with the aesthetic detail that is normally their domain, and to Stanford University for making available the hardware and software tools necessary for the preparation of camera-ready copy

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