Physical chemistry of magmas / Физическая химия магмы

Редактор(ы):Kushiro I., Perchuk L.L.
Издание:Springer-Verlag, 1991 г., 349 стр., ISBN: 978-1-4612-7806-1
Physical chemistry of magmas / Физическая химия магмы

This volume includes papers on properties, structure and phase relationships that involve silicate melts. These problems are of interest to many scientists who are involved in geosciences and chemistry because of the fundamental nature of the topics. The last ten years have been marked by major achievements in this field of science. An international team of invited contributors with expertise in different aspects of the topic presents the most important results in studies of viscosity (E.S. Persikov), diffusion (A.S. Chekhmir, M.B. Epel'baum, E.B. Watson and D.R. Baker), density (I. Kushiro), influence of redox equilibria of iron on the melt structure (B.O. Mysen) and the role of high field strength cations on the structure and properties of silicate liquids (P.e. Hess). An important contribution to silicate melt thermodynamics is made by Bottinga who found an effective approach to calculate the baric dependences of molar volumes and entropies for the most important liquid silicates. These papers present data and some rules for estimating the properties and structures of melts as well as the implications of the physical chemistry of silicate liquids to igneous petrology.

ТематикаПетрография, Физхимия
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