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Автор(ы):Greg Corbett
Издание:2009 г., 13 стр.
Anatomy of porphyry-related Au-Cu-Ag-Mo mineralised systems: Some exploration implications

Analyses of exploration and mining case studies as well as magmatic arc geothermal systems have facilitated an understanding of the implications to explorationists of the anatomy of porphyry related Au-Cu-Mo-Ag mineralising systems. Deeply eroded magmatic source rocks tend to host sub economic mineralisation, which may become focused in the highly prospective in overlying apophyses to spine-like polyphasal intrusions. Buried targets may be identified by analyses of zoned alteration and mineralisation developed by complex overprinting relationships. Mineralised fluids may exit from the magmatic source migrating to higher crustal levels to form epithermal deposits. High sulphidation epithermal Au + Cu + Ag deposits display characteristic alteration and mineralisation zonation which aids target generation and in some instances evolve to host marginal and overprinting lower sulphidation ores which display improved metallurgy and metal grades. Low sulphidation epithermal Au-Ag deposits are categorised as a number of styles, linked on an overall anatomy, which display considerable variation in metal grade, size, form and metallurgy, typically governed by setting and crustal level of formation, as well as controls to vein formation such as: host rock competency, structure, and mechanism of Au deposition. All these controls and zonation pattern vectors provide valuable tools to explorationists in the search for hidden ores.

Редактор(ы):Altunel E., Niemi T.M., Sintubin M., Stewart L.S.
Издание:Geology Society of America, 2010 г., 295 стр., ISBN: 978-0-8137-2471-3
Ancient earthquakes / Древние землетрясения

Damaging earthquakes typically recur at intervals of centuries to millennia, but the instrumental record extends for no more than a century. To reduce the hazards from earthquakes and prepare proper mitigation plans we need a longer record of earthquakes than can be provided instrumentally. Looking for ancient earthquakes may be the key to the puzzle. We defi ne ancient earthquakes primarily as pre-instrumental earthquakes that can only be identifi ed through indirect evidence in the archaeological or geological record. While the latter is the subject of paleoseismology, the former is the subject of archaeoseismology.

Редактор(ы):Hynes A.J., Keppie J.D., Murphy J.B.
Издание:The Geological Society of London, 2009 г., 483 стр., ISBN: 978-1-86239-289-2
Ancient orogens and modern analogues / Древние орогены и современные аналоги

Plate-tectonics principles have been routinely applied to the study of Phanerozoic orogenic belts and, more controversially, to Precambrian orogens as far back as the Early Archaean. Recent advances in a variety of fields have vastly improved our understanding of ancient orogenic belts, so that realistic modern analogues can be entertained. This volume presents up-to-date syntheses of some classic modern and ancient orogenic belts as well as examples of some of the processes responsible for their evolution.

Редактор(ы):Brett C.E., Ettensohn F.R., Rast N.
Издание:Geology Society of America, 2002 г., 192 стр., ISBN: 0-8137-2359-0
Ancient seismites / Древние сейсмические события

Most studies of the geologic records of prehistoric earthquakes are driven by the need of seismic-hazard analyses for estimates of the locations, ages, and magnitudes of individual large earthquakes. In North America, most such studies analyze surface ruptures and earthquake-induced sand blows, dikes, and sills. In contrast, small, softsediment structures in one or a few beds, possibly induced by seismic shaking, are little used in North American hazard analyses.

Автор(ы):Collignon M.
Издание:Imprimerie nationale, Paris, 1950 г., 106 стр.
Annales geologiques du service des mines. Recherches sur les faunes albiennes de Madagascar

Dans un mémoire, qui a été publié dernièrement dans les Annales géologiques du Service des Mines de Madagascar (1), j'ai décrit une faune albienne remarquable, caractérisée par l'abondance des Ammonites des Genres Douvillei-ceras, Lemuroceras et Brancoceras, et j'ai donné une coupe, selon Henri Besairie, du gisement principal de ces fossiles, situé dans la région d'Ambarimaninga, cercle de Sitampiky (Madagascar).

Au sommet de la coupe, c'est-à-dire au-dessus des couches principales à Ammonites que j'ai rapportées au sommet de l'Albien inférieur (Dou-villeicératien) et à la base de l'Albien moyen (partie inférieure de l'Oxytropidocératien) suivant l'échelle stratigraphique établie par Maurice Breistroffer (2), existe un banc fossilifère à Echinides épais de 1 m, où Henri Besairie a recueilli de très nombreux Oursins qui font l'objet du présent mémoire.

Издание:Наука, Санкт-Петербург, 2011 г., 335 стр., УДК: 556, ISBN: 978-5-02-025477-0
ANSDIMAT – программный комплекс для определения параметров водоносных пластов

Книга является руководством пользователя по работе с многофункциональным программным комплексом ANSDIMAT, ориентированным на интерпретацию опытно-фильтрационных опробований и получение фильтрационных характеристик водоносных пластов. В книге подробно изложены все возможности программного комплекса, предложены удобные алгоритмы ввода данных и обработки исходной информации, описаны условия проведения полевых экспериментов и типовые гидрогеологические схемы, реализованные в комплексе. Большое место уделено математическому аппарату, зашитому в компьютерный код программы. Содержится полезная справочная информация о расчетных схемах, аналитических решениях и способах обработки.
Книга предназначена для пользователей программным комплексом ANSDIMAT, а также для гидрогеологов, занимающихся вопросами изучения, обработки и интерпретации данных опытно-фильтрационных опробований аналитическими и численными методами.

Редактор(ы):Geet M.V., Jacobs P., Mees F., Sweennen R.
Издание:The Geological Society of London, 2003 г., 249 стр., ISBN: 1-86239-139-4
Applications of X-ray computed tomography in the geosciences / Применение рентгеновской компьютерной томографии в науках о Земле

X-ray computed tomography (CT) is a non-destructive technique with wide applications in various geological disciplines. It reveals the internal structure of objects, determined by variations in density and atomic composition. Large numbers of parallel 2D sections can be obtained, which allows 3D imaging of selected features. Important applications are the study of porosity and fluid flow, applied to investigations in the fields of petroleum geology, rock mechanics and soil science. Expected future developments include the combined use of CT systems with different resolutions, the wider use of related X-ray techniques and the integration of CT data with results of compatible non-destructive techniques.

Автор(ы):Murray H.H.
Издание:Elsevier, 2007 г., 188 стр., ISBN: 978-0-444-51701-2
Applied clay mineralogy. Occurrences, processing and application of kaolins, bentonites, palygorskite-sepiolite, and common clays / Минералогия глин. Возникновение, переработка и применение каолинов, бентонитов, палыгорскит-сепиолитов и обычных глин

Clays and clay minerals are very important industrial minerals. There are well over one hundred documented industrial applications of clay materials. Clays are utilized in the process industries, in agricultural applications, in engineering and construction applications, in environmental remediations, in geology, and in many other miscellaneous applications. This book is an assimilation of the major and minor uses of clays and clay minerals and explains why an understanding of the structure and physical and chemical attributes of the individual clay minerals are so important. Clay is an abundant raw material which has an amazing variety of uses and properties that are largely dependent on their mineral structure and composition. Other than the clay structure and composition, there are several additional factors which are important in determining the properties and applications of a clay. These are the non-clay mineral composition, the presence of organic material, the type and amount of exchangeable ions and soluble salts, and the texture (Grim, 1950) <...>

Автор(ы):Cooper S.P., Lorenz J.C.
Издание:Wiley Blackwell, 2020 г., 221 стр.
Applied Concepts in Fractured Reservoirs /  Прикладные концепции в трещиноватых коллекторах

This book is a companion to our previous Atlas of Natural and Induced Fractures in Core, moving on from the basic recognition of fracture types described in that volume, which must be the foundation of any fracture study, to explanations of how those fractures form, how they are measured, how they can be assessed, and how they affect reservoirs.

This volume is the summary of decades of experience with industry doing applied fracture studies. It brings together numerous fracture-related topics that are not collected elsewhere. We hope that it will be useful to both academia and industry, and that it is not in the vein of the apocryphal third-grader doing a book report on penguins, who concluded that “This book tells me more than I want to know about penguins.” <...>