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Издание:Pennwell Books, 2003 г., 491 стр., ISBN: 0-87814-891-4
Advanced Drilling Solutions. Volume 2. Lesson from the former Soviet Union / Провдвинутые решения в буровом деле. Часть 2. Уроки бывшего СССР

We are very happy to present this two-volume book to our respected readers. It is our hope that these volumes will be of interest to all professionals in the drilling industry. It is intended for those who work in the field, at the computer, as managers in the oil industry, university professors and students, and anyone who is interested in the history of the development of drilling technologies. We believe all readers will find something useful in these volumes, both in their current and future activities. <...>

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Издание:Baker Hughes, 1993 г., 256 стр.
Advanced Logging Procedures. Workbook / Расширенные процедуры описания керна. Рабочая тетрадь

At Baker Hughes INTEQ, we have always prided ourselves on our people and their level of professionalism, experience, responsiveness and adaptability at the wellsite, where time, money and effective operations depends on rapid, reliable information management. IN-FACTS, a system for training, developing and providing professional advancement for field operations personnel, is the method behind these applications.

Том 1
Автор(ы):Марфунин А.С.
Издание:Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1994 г., 550 стр., ISBN: 3-540-57254-6; 0-387-57254-6
Advanced mineralogy. Composition, structure and properties of mineral matter. Vol 1.

All existing introductory reviews of mineralogy are written according to the same algorithm, sometimes called the "Dana System of Mineralogy". Even modern advanced handbooks, which are certainly necessary, include basic data on minerals and are essentially descriptive. When basic information on the chemistry, structure, optical and physical properties, distinguished features and para-genesis of 200-400 minerals is presented, then there is practically no further space available to include new ideas and concepts based on recent mineral studies.

A possible solution to this dilemma would be to present a book beginning where introductory textbooks end for those already familiar with the elementary concepts. Such a volume would be tailored to specialists in all fields of science and industry, interested in the most recent results in mineralogy.

This approach may be called Advanced Mineralogy. Here, an attempt has been made to survey the current possibilities and aims in mineral matter investigations, including the main characteristics of all the methods, the most important problems and topics of mineralogy, and related studies.

The individual volumes are composed of short, condensed chapters. Each chapter presents in a complete, albeit condensed, form specific problems, methods, theories, and directions of investigations, and estimates their importance and strategic position in science and industry.

Том 2
Автор(ы):Марфунин А.С.
Издание:Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1994 г., 441 стр., ISBN: 5-540-57255-4; 0-387-57255-4
Advanced mineralogy. Methods and instrumentations. Results and recent developments. Vol. 2

Changes in the methods of investigation have had a crucial impact on progress in mineralogy. Many important methods have emerged with their own parameters, interpretations, problems, new albeit restricted possibilities and scopes, and with their own instrumentation and measurement tools. Even the aims and contents of the investigations have changed. Two processes can be discerned:

1.  The logical completion of developing and elaborating the methods, i.e. determining all physical principles based on a single, general, multifaceted phenomenon: the interaction of radiation (particles) with matter.

These interactions and hence these methods can be presented schematically by two coordinates. One is energy (or wavelength of radiation) and parts of the electromagnetic spectrum (nuclear, X-ray and electron, UV, visible, IR, microwave, SHF and RF). The other coordinate is represented by the modes of interaction (spectroscopy-absorption, emission, scattering-diffractometry, microscopy). The various intersection points in this system of coordinates have already been determined and elaborated in detail according to theoretical and instrumentational aspects.

Выпуск 3
Автор(ы):Марфунин А.С.
Издание:Springer, 1998 г., 342 стр., ISBN: 978-3-642-62108-6
Advanced mineralogy. Mineral matter in space, mantle, ocean floor, biosphere, environmental management, and jewelry. Vol 3. /  Продвинутая минералогия. Минеральные вещества в космосе, мантии, океане, биосфере, природопользовании и ювелирном деле. Часть 3

This volume of Advanced Mineralogy encompasses six different areas having two features in common: they are related to one of the largest enterprises of the second half of this century; and represent the ultimate and final extension of the concept of mineral matter.

- Understanding mineral matter in Space is one of the principal purposes of cosmic exploration. This includes the results of comparative planetology, lunar epopee, sophisticated meteorite studies (now more than 500 meteorite minerals), discovery of the interstellar mineral dust forming some 60 trillion of earth masses in the Galaxy, and terrestrial impact crater studies. It is possible now to speak of mineralogy of the Universum, and the mineralogical type of the states of matter in the Universe. 

Автор(ы):Xiuli Wang
Издание:Gulf Publishing Company, Houston, 2009 г., 415 стр.
Advanced natural gas engineering

The role of natural gas in meeting the world energy demand has been increasing because of its abundance, versatility, and clean burning nature. As a result, new gas exploration, field development, and production activities are under way. This is especially true in places where natural gas was (until recently) labeled as “stranded.” Because a significant portion of natural gas reserves worldwide are located across bodies of water, gas transportation becomes an issue. We are dealing with many unique issues and facing many challenges in the entire “food chain” (upstream to midstream and downstream) of natural gas engineering.

Издание 5
Автор(ы):Das B.M.
Издание:CRC Press, 2019 г., 734 стр., ISBN: 978-0-8153-7913-3
Advanced soil mechanics / Продвинутая механика грунтов

Soils are aggregates of mineral particles; and together with air and/or water in the void spaces, they form three-phase systems. A large portion of the earth’s surface is covered by soils, and they are widely used as construction and foundation materials. Soil mechanics is the branch of engineering that deals with the engineering properties of soils and their behavior under stress.

This book is divided into 11 chapters: “Soil Aggregate, Plasticity, and Classification,” “Stresses and Strains: Elastic Equilibrium,” “Stresses and Displacement in a Soil Mass: Two-Dimensional Problems,” “Stresses and Displacement in a Soil Mass: Three-Dimensional Problems,” “Pore Water Pressure due to Undrained Loading,” “Permeability,” “Seepage,” “Consolidation,” “Shear Strength of Soil,” “Elastic Settlement of Shallow Foundations,” and “Consolidation Settlement of Shallow Foundations.” This chapter is a brief overview of some soil properties and their classification.

It is assumed that the reader has been previously exposed to a basic soil mechanics course.

Редактор(ы):Sammonds P.R., Thompson J.M.T.
Издание:Imperial College Press, London, 2007 г., 342 стр., ISBN: 978-1-86094-761-2
Advances in Earth Science From Earthquakes to Global Warming / Достижения в области наук о Земле От землетрясений до глобального потепления

This welcome volume is a collection of articles principally adapted from articles published in the Philosophical Transactions triennial issue. It very largely reflects the views of younger scientists, and highlights how the Earth Sciences continue to delight us with new ideas and controversies. Many of the authors are research fellows, or former research fellows, of the Royal Society, and the editors have successfully assembled an entertainingly eclectic mix. The book is divided into three sections covering Environmental Change, the Dynamics of the Earth, and Applied Earth Science, and the topics range from costing climate change, to the properties of the Earth’s core and objectively optimised Earth observation

Автор(ы):Cooke D.R., Holliday J.R.
Издание:Ore deposit and exploration technology, 2007 г., 19 стр.
Advances in Geological Models and Exploration Methods for Copper ± Gold Porphyry Deposits

This paper focuses on the relationships between the geological model and exploration techniques for porphyry Cu ± Au deposits, with reference to the discovery record and exploration practices over the past fifteen years. The porphyry model is built on a long record of study dating back to the 1960s which has been gradually refined to encompass differences and complexities in mineralization and hydrothermal alteration assemblages resulting from varying intrusion (‘porphyry’) chemistries, differing wallrock geochemical and structural controls, the upwards zonation into the lithocap environment, and the overprinting effects of deep weathering.

Автор(ы):Adams M.D.
Редактор(ы):Wills B.A.
Издание:Elsevier, 2005 г., 1076 стр., ISBN: 0-444-51730-8, 0067-4528
Advances in gold ore processing / Достижения в переработке золотых руд

The gold-processing industry is experiencing change. As free-milling and oxide ores become depleted, more complex polymetallic and refractory ores are being processed, coupled with increasing pressure for stricter environmental compliance. Recent years have also seen a steady reduction in mineral processing and metallurgy graduates and a gradual loss of older operating experience. A contribution to documenting current and future best practice <...>