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Редактор(ы):Карташов И.П., Нейштадт М.И., Никифорова К.В.
Издание:Наука, Москва, 1977 г., 233 стр., УДК: 551.79 (931)
9-й Конгресс INQUA (ИНКВА) в Новой Зеландии. Итоги и материалы

Сборник содержит статьи советских участников IX конгресса INQUA в Новой Зеландии, посвященные различным проблемам комплексного изучения четвертичного периода, итогам экскурсии вдоль западного побережья о. Северного, обзору работы INQUA и его комиссий, выставкам и изданиям к конгрессу.

Автор(ы):Nolet G.
Издание:Cambridge University Press, 2008 г., 359 стр., ISBN: 978-0-521-88244-6
A breviary of seismic tomography. Imaging the interior of the Earth and Sun / Основы сейсмотомографии. Визуализация Земли и Солнца

This is the first textbook to cover all the major aspects of seismic tomography at a level accessible to students. While focusing on applications in solid earth geophysics, the book also includes numerous excursions into helioseismology in order to demonstrate the strong affinity between the two fields. The book presents a comprehensive introduction to seismic tomography including the basic theory of wave propagation, the ray and Born approximations required for interpretation of amplitudes, travel times and phases, eigenvibrations and surface waves, observational methods, model parametrization, finite-frequency methods, inversion, error and resolution analysis, and seismic anisotropy. It presents in-depth consideration of observational aspects of the subject, as well as practical recommendations for implementing numerical models using publicly available software.

Автор(ы):Stel H, Veenhof R.P.
Издание:Elsevier, 1991 г., 14 стр.
A cleavage triple point and its meso-scopic structures: the Mustio Sink (Svecofennides of SW Finland)

Veenhof, R.P. and Stel, H.. 1991. A cleavage triple point and its meso-scopiс structures: the Mustio Sink (Svecofennides of SW Finland) Precambrian Res., 50: 269-282,

A cleavage-triple-point (CTP) structure is analyzed, located at the west side of the Mustio gneiss dome in the Svecofennides of southwest Finland. The presence of the CTP and the pattern of mesoscopic fold structures exclude the origin of the Mustio dome by successive interference of fold phases. The highly variable deformation structures are explained in a single-phase deformation model by using the theoretical specific strain environments ofa CTP. These environment are (1) horizontal oblation on lop ofa dome, (2) transition from horizontal to vertical obiation on ihe flanks ofa dome, and (3) vertical constriction in the center of the CTP, It is shown that each strain environment is associated with specific development of foliation, folds, mesoscopic fold interference and strain intensity. The theoretical strain environments are confirmed by strain analysis.

Издание 2
Автор(ы):Carlton R.L.
Издание:Springer, 2019 г., 464 стр., ISBN: 978-3-030-25585-5
A concise dictionary of paleontology / Краткий палеонтологический словарь

A moderately comprehensive reference handbook covering the most important paleontological taxa, terms, concepts, and localities, this book is written primarily for general readers and beginning students in the field. My professional experience lies in technical writing and in teaching literature and history, with a lifelong interest in paleontology inspired by Professor Charles Higgins at UC Davis and by studying the geology collection in UC Berkeley’s beautiful Bacon Hall before it was demolished in 1961. Using the essays of science writers like Loren Eiseley, Stephen Gould, and E.O. Wilson in my composition classes in the 1980s, I made critical thinking and the evolution of life on Earth the center of my teaching. An interesting technical writing project in the early 1990s showed me the lack of a dictionary like this, and I began the groundwork for a good reference work as I directed student research in the history of life in my writing courses. Retiring from teaching in 2014, I have widened my understanding of paleontology with intensive study in the last 5 years. <...>

Издание 5
Редактор(ы):Allaby M.
Издание:Oxford, 2020 г., 1795 стр., ISBN: 978-0-19-883903-3
A dictionary of geology and Earth sciences / Геологический словарь и словарь по наукам о Земле

Over the decades since the first edition of our dictionary was published, satellite observations of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere have grown increasingly important and increasingly valuable to geologists and Earth scientists. There are now so many satellites in orbit above us that it would be impossible to describe them all in a volume of this size. Nevertheless, I have done my best by adding a substantial number of new satellite entries, and in many cases links to web sites, describing those that seem to me the most relevant and interesting.
I have also updated many of the entries for stages. Again, it would be impractical to include all the stage names from every part of the world, but I have added quite a number.
I hope you find the dictionary useful and its entries clear.

Издание 4
Редактор(ы):Allaby M.
Издание:Oxford, 2013 г., 668 стр.
A dictionary of geology and Earth sciences / Геологический словарь и словарь по наукам о Земле

In preparing this new edition of our Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences I have changed the emphasis very slightly by increasing the number of entries for terms that are directly geological. The new title reflects this minor revision. At the same time, however, I have found it necessary to add more entries describing satellite missions and planetary discoveries. I have also added a new Appendix, listing web addresses for all the satellite missions described in dictionary entries.

Inevitably, the dictionary has grown a little longer. That is the way of dictionaries. New terms emerge, but old ones take a long time to die and disappear from the vocabulary. As with the third edition, I have worked alone. I have scrutinized every entry and made many small changes where I thought I could improve the clarity of definitions. If, inadvertently, I have introduced any errors, or failed to spot and remove earlier errors, I have no one to blame but myself. If you find a mistake I will be grateful if you draw it to my attention. You can contact me through my website.

If you are meeting the dictionary for the first time, I hope you find it helpful.

Автор(ы):Avery D.M.
Издание:Cambridge University Press, 2019 г., 323 стр., ISBN: 978-1-108-48088-8
A Fossil History of Southern African Land Mammals / Млекопитающие ископаемые Южной Африки

There is an ever-growing wealth of mammalian fossil material being collected from palaeontological and archaeological sites in southern Africa. This reference provides comprehensive information on the taxonomy and distribution in time and space of all currently recognised southern African fossil mammals. After an introductory background chapter on southern Africa, mammals, sites and dating, the following chapters are presented by epoch, covering the Eocene, Miocene, Pliocene, Pleistocene and Holocene. Individual maps provide information on where in the landscape specific taxa have been found, and a comprehensive index lists all the fauna and site locations. It ends with a chapter on how the book can be used, and lines of future research. Collecting a vast amount of information together in an accessible format, this is an essential reference for non-specialist taxonomists and palaeontologists, as well as for those using fossil data for other applications, such as archaeology, neontology and nature conservation. This title is also available as Open Access on Cambridge Core. 

Издание:UNESCO, Paris, 1996 г., 133 стр., ISBN: 92-3-103085-X, 92-3-104013-8
A global geochemical database for enviromental and resource managment / Глобальная геохимическая база данных для рационального использования ресурсов и окружающей среды

“Prevention is better than cure” has been the leitmotiv of UNESCO, since its creation, in addressing world problems: prevention through education at all levels and in all sectors, the advancement of science and its applications, cultural development and adequate information. Whether in facing wars, conflicts or in coping with hazards, natural and technological in origin, UNESCO has constantly favoured an educational, scientific and cultural approach that sees anticipation as the only possible solution. It is the only possible cost-effective way of dealing with potential risks and disasters. It is of vital importance that the world community takes the long-term view and learns to be proactive rather than reactive.

Автор(ы):O'Dea A., Taylor P.D.
Издание:The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London, 2014 г., 418 стр., ISBN: 978-1-58834-502-8
A history of life in 100 fossils / История жизни в 100 ископаемых останках

The history of life is written in the rocks, or more precisely in the fossils contained within the rocks. Fossils are the remains of ancient animals and plants, as well as fungi and microbes, preserved by natural processes of burial and entombment. Without the existence of fossils it is doubtful whether Charles Darwin would ever have devised his theory of evolution by natural selection.