Автор(ы):Ward D.
Издание:2016 г., 59 стр.
An illustrated guide to the British middle eocene vertebrates / Иллюстрированное руководство по Британским среднеэоценовым позвоночным

The style and content of this book is modelled on that of the "British Fossils" trilogy published by the Natural History Museum, London. I feel that it is regrettable that this, very successful, formula, which figures most of the common British fossils, has not been expanded upon. British Palaeozoic Fossils, British Mesozoic Fossils and British Caenozoic Fossils, may be purchased at: The Natural History Museum Bookshop, The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 SBD <...>

Издание:Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide, 2010 г., 109 стр., ISBN: 978-0-9821214-36
Guidebook for evaluating mining project EIAs / Руководство по оценке ОВОС горнодобывающих проектов

Most countries require an environmental impact assessment (EIA) before giving the green light to a mining project. EIA processes provide a valuable opportunity for citizens to participate in decisions about mines. The problem is, project proponents often submit long, complex EIA documents that are incomprehensible to lay people.

The Guidebook for Evaluating Mining Project EIAs will help public interest lawyers, grassroots advocates, and community members understand mining EIAs, identify flaws in mining project plans, and explore ways that mining companies can reduce the public health hazards associated with mining. 

Автор(ы):Scholle P.A.
Издание:The American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 1979 г., 201 стр.
A color illustrated guide to constituents, textures, cements and porosities of sandstones and associated rocks / Цветное иллюстрированное руководство по составу, текстурам, цементу и пористости песчаников и сопутствующих пород

This book is designed as a companion volume to AAPG Memoir 27. As with its predecessor volume, the purpose of this book is to provide identified illustrations of important grains, textures, cements, and porosity types for geologists who may not be specialists in the petrography of sandstones and associated sedimentary rocks.

Sandstone petrography is of particular interest to the explorationist for several reasons. First, it can provide valuable information on the detailed composition of sedimentary rocks. From this, one can often draw conclusions about the lithology, climate, and tectonic history of the source area, as well as predicting the response of such units to a variety of subsurface diagenetic environments. Second, one can acquire significant data on the grain size, sorting, and rounding of sedimentary grains. For lithified sediments this may be the only way to obtain such data, which may be useful in determinations of the transport mechanisms and depositional environment of the sediment. Third, information may be obtained on the postdepositional alteration history of sedimentary rocks. This may include data on compaction, cementation, leaching, fracturing, porosity types, and other factors. These are essential for a proper understanding of reservoir rocks and, commonly, petrography provides the only technique fort gathering accurate data on such diagenetic factors <...>

Автор(ы):Воробьев С.А., Шваров Ю.В.
Издание:МГУ, Москва, 1982 г., 53 стр.
Руководство по математической обработке данных при литохимических методах поисков рудных месторождений. Часть 2

В учебно-методическом пособии приводятся программы обработки нолевых и лабораторных наблюдений, моделирования процессов формирования геохимических аномалий - решения прямых и обратных задач, возникающих при геохимических поисках рудных месторождений. Описание программ начинается о кратких пояснений и перечисления задач, решаемых с их помощью. Приводятся математические зависимости, положенные в их основу, и по установленной форме - текст программы, а также краткие указания по работе с ними.

Автор(ы):Hutton C.
Издание:2022 г., 273 стр.
Mining economics explained. A пuide for boards, executives, managers and investors / Объяснение экономики добычи полензных ископаемых. Руководство для директоров, руководителей, менеджеров и инвесторов

This book is crafted against the backdrop of the commodities super-cycle that we had in the first decade of the 21st Century, and the mining industry having learnt severe lessons. Dr Ian Runge summarized the decade-long experiment with the prioritization of volumes and said, “The economics of mining is at an inflection point. For the last decade or so our focus has been on developing mines and bringing them into production. It is not production on its own that is important, it is how efficiently we can produce.”¹ The message was echoed by Ivan Glasberg, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Glencor at the time of penning this book: “The big guys really screwed up (during the super-cycle) by building too many mines”, and as a result he opined that miners needed to learn about supply and demand fundamentals. “The real trap in the gold industry in the past was chasing volume,” said Tom Palmer, Newmont CEO and, “No one made any real money,” according to Barrick Gold Corporation’s CEO, Mark Bristow. <...>

Автор(ы):Hengl T.
Издание:JRC Scientific and Technical Reports, 2007 г., 164 стр., ISBN: 978-92-79-06904-8
A practical guide to geostatistical mapping of environmental variables / Практическое руководство по геостатистическому картированию переменных окружающей среды

Geostatistics is a subset of statistics specialized in analysis and interpretation of geographically referenced data (Goovaerts, 1997; Webster and Oliver, 2001; Nielsen and Wendroth, 2003). In other words, geostatistics comprises statistical techniques that are adjusted to spatial data. Typical questions of interest to a geostatistician are:

how does a variable vary in space?

what controls its variation in space?

where to locate samples to describe its spatial variability?

how many samples are needed to represent its spatial variability?

what is a value of a variable at some new location?

what is the uncertainty of the estimate?

Издание:Schlumberger, 2000 г., 391 стр.
Completions hydraulics handbook / Руководство по гидравлике для завершающих работ

For any oilfield analysis, it is necessary to understand how to calculate areas, volumes and capacities. Fortunately, areas and capacities of tubing and casing are in most field handbooks and in the engineering tables of this book. Most readers of this document will remember how to calculate areas and volumes from grade school, so only a brief review is presented here. The engineering tables at the back of this book provide all the necessary data to determine well capacities quite easily. The first few sample problems are solved manually to show how the tables were generated. Thereafter, the tables will be used as much as possible to simplify the problem solving. Understanding how the data was generated will make the calculations more meaningful and the tables easier to use. In any case, a clear understanding of the basic principles is necessary before proceeding as subsequent concepts will build on prior ones <...>

ТематикаГорючие полезные ископаемые
Выпуск 4
Автор(ы):Антонович В.А., Артамонов П.В., Билибин И.П., Волков В.К., Волков И.Д., Гурулев Ю.Г., Денин А.А., Димитров Г.В., Дубов Р.И., Ермаков Н.С., Кулагашев А.И., Лихарев Б.Б., Некрасов И.Я., Новожилов П.В., Огняков В.А., Онихимовский В.В., Петров П.Н., Плигина Г.П., Савадская А.Е., Савадский О.А., Сафронов Н.И., Светлов К.И., Силинский А.Д., Суворов М.И., Толкачев Я.П., Утин П.П., Шатров Б.Б.
Редактор(ы):Гневушев М.А., Лихарев Б.Б., Сафронов Н.И.
Издание:Государственное научно-техническое издательство литературы по геологии и охране недр, Москва, 1961 г., 327 стр.
Труды ВИТР. Сборник 4. Руководство по комплексной методике поисков цветных и редких металлов в восточных районах СССР

Геологоразведочная деятельность призвана обеспечить минерально-сырьевой базой горнодобывающую промышленность.
Геологоразведочные работы осуществляются поэтапно, в определенной последовательности, причем каждый этап имеет свои цели и свою методику достижения этих целей.

ТематикаГеологическое картирование, Геологоразведка, Методика ГРР, Полезные ископаемые
Редактор(ы):Cunning J.., Hawley M.
Издание:CSIRO, 2017 г., 384 стр., ISBN: 978-1486303502
Guidelines for mine waste dump and stockpile design / Руководство по проектированию хвостохранилищ и отвалов

In terms of both volume and mass, waste dumps associated with large open pit mines are arguably the largest manmade structures on Earth. Their footprints typically exceed the aerial extent and their heights often rival the depths of the open pits from which the material used to construct them is derived.

Автор(ы):Самарина В.С.
Издание:Издательство Ленинградского Университета, Ленинград, 1958 г., 258 стр.
Гидрохимическое опробование подземных вод

В руководстве содержится описание солевого, бактериального и газового состава подземных вод, методика отбора проб воды, газа и пород для различных видов анализа. Излагаются методы полного химического анализа воды, причем для удобства пользования книгой в текст ее включены теоретические сведения, объясняющие сущность изложенных методов. Заключительные разделы книги посвящены способам обработки данных различных анализов и составлению гидрохимических карт.
Книга предназначается для студентов геологических факультетов университетов, горных институтов, а также может быть использована инженерно-техническими работниками, деятельность которых связана с изучением общих вопросов, гидрогеологии и гидрохимии.

ТематикаГидрогеология, Геохимия
МеткиГидрохимическое опробование, Гидрохимия, Подземные воды, Руководство
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